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  • Till January 22 You can download Internal Combustion for free!!
  • This is the same band that did Naked And Savage on a Mission Tribute album right? That was a great song, but way overly produced with too much bass (can't play it in my car very loud).
  • Internal Combustion=industrial beauty <3
  • So rumor has it Dave is working on remastering the old Watchmen tape "Is God In Showbusiness Too?" (or well, rumors coming from Dave himself). Very psyched am I!
  • Industrial Dance !!!
  • New album has entered my CD player. Not expected to leave for quite some time now.
  • New album available October 12, 2010
  • Heya gang! In anticipation of the release of the first new Society Burning album in over a decade and after 3 years, 2 failed computers, and a devil’s dozen of shattered hard drives, the official Society Burning Remix Challenge has begun. So we've cut 2 slots of space on our upcoming release INTERNAL COMBUSTION to showcase the top two remixes from the challenge! The top choice cuts will also be featured with the rollout of the new website! So get cracking, you've got until Dave's birthday (about a month from now) to make it happen! Here’s what to do: Go to Download the kit for the track you want to mix. Come back between May 1st and May 11th to upload your creation. This challenge is open to all and will end May 11, 2010. All submissions will be tested on live animals.
  • new tracks are finished.... now on to the "shopping" ;)
  • some songs on "Tactiq" are really great. favourites: Human Waste, Less Than Zero, Awaken and Immobilize Me. i love the samples which appear in some songs in the last seconds.
  • freebies doesn't work ;(
  • the ordered album "Tactiq" arrived today. will also have a listen to it today. but i know it will be very great, 'cause i already knew "Human Waste" and it's outstanding.
  • If you crazy kats want some freebies:
  • at least 3 songs for free. interesting band!
  • Your bands is great :)
  • Whoa? Yeah! Does this mean I can start doing my James Brown impersonations again?! Be careful what you ask for, bro! :D
  • your band... your band... since the top of the clock! i always wish we could use "whoa" or "yeah" as a chorus lyric...dave - why is it that we can't :)
  • my band my band my band....sorry just getting into this thang.
  • So now mr BadDevil man got me to buy two more CDs huh? I'll never save up to that house now... fankz vezp0r ;) Seriously, very good stuff this, brilliant if there's a new album coming as well - the world needs more (new) coldwave! :)
  • #2 :D
  • HA, No 1. Ouu raaiiiittt!!! In yer face!! :D
  • Whatever it's going to be, I'm sure it'll be THE thing to listen to ;) sooooo good to see you around again, guys! I'm going to pimp the living crap outta you ;D
  • A vengeance? :) The original album was Internal Combustion. Any thoughts on the new album title? It's sounding pretty freakin' evil... :) Departing thought - I'll try to keep the sobu site up to date. though, we've always preferred sneaking up on people. :)
  • mwahah, who knows... :)
  • I wish they came back with a vengeance :(

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