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  • всем привет
  • thank you falettinme be mice elf agin is the best song of them
  • мамка твоя дурак блеать
  • Интересно было бы узнать, какой дурак отметил Sly & The Family Stone тэгами "rock" и "classic rock".
  • funkeh 2 da bone
  • Prince & 3rdEyeGirl Glasgow, SSE Hydro, 22.05.2014. REVIEW!
  • It's sad how Sly turned out. I hope he gets better. A truly under-appreciated talent, one of the very best.
  • telaversion it may be that the Mother Ship - George Clinton brought them back and ..... They want to learn The Funk - because you know the Funk can cure all ailments ..... You know how expressive we are in body, mind, and soul when the Funk hits you ..... Or they want to learn about the Bop Gun ..... I suspect the Aliens are definitely already here though .... And they are in the room more times than we know ..... No need to go any where - you can't get away from them .... They are I'm Like Every Day People ..... Now - let's Dance to the Music ..... Just add a little Guitar and make it easy to move their feet .....
  • if you ever suspect someone may be an alien ... just play them some Sly & the Family ... if they don't get down ... leave the room calmly & then run
  • Different strokes for different folks ❤ [2]
  • Gotta love Sly
  • Different strokes for different folks ❤
  • Great Funk Band
  • funkfabolous.
  • yooo its 2012 and were still bumping sly
  • epitome of music! they were magnificent!
  • The first six albums are so great!
  • "Sing a simple song .... doe - ra - me - fa - so - la - te - doe .... Sing it in the shower yal' "
  • Family Affair Family Affair Family Affair Family Affair Family Affair
  • don't caaaaaaaaaall me niiiiiiger, whitey.
  • funk for dancing people^^s
  • Sly : "i wanna take you higher!" Woodstock : "higher!"
  • хороши
  • Don't you know that you are free - well at least in your mind if you want to be
  • Fast becoming one of my favourites. Underrated is not the word!
  • Am I the only one who is surprised that Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) isn't even in the top 15 most popular tracks? I don't know, I've heard that song since I was a kid, even more than many of the top 15 tracks. Ah well.
  • Delicious funk!
  • His recordings for Warner Brothers were some of the best, forget Family Affair for a bit and listen to Back On The Right Track
  • It's a family affair.
  • i love the vibratto guitar towards the end of 'i cannot make it'. so bizarre and out of place but so good.
  • Herbie Hancock dedicated one song to Sly Stone. One big to other big.
  • There is no point. That's the point.
  • Those bloated basslines & the programmed drums on ''There's A Riot Goin' On'' are absolutely amazing
  • Deep...Funky...Sly was always too good for his own good...Never has music been so funky & simple while being so complex & brainy too...wooo hooo yeah!!!
  • Virg hope you find me. Good talking to you! Thinking about your bass and thought I'd stay on memory lane for a bit longer. I hang out here occasionally. We'd be millionaires if we could lock in the lyrics. "Just like a Baby" just ran through my mind, oh boy here we go!!!
  • Funkiest shit ever! x2
  • Check out "James Brown - I Feel Good" - guitar cover by Wally and medic from [url=]The Hysteria[/url]:
  • "Time" should be number one always.
  • It is a weird record; "weird" being used without negative connotations.
  • Boy, Riot is a weird record. It's great now that I finally heard it though.
  • If you like funk rock check my tunes! [artist]MagnusB[/artist] feel free to comment and share!
  • Funkiest shit ever!
  • Pure epic Magic!
  • I'm surprised at so few plays! (2)
  • I'm surprised at so few plays!
  • When it comes to Sly & Family , Black Eyed Peas , should not be compared. Sly and Family - BLAZED the trail , that B.E.P. later followed. Sorry but compared to Sly's time , B.E.P. not only could not find the candle , let alone light it !!!
  • Black Eyed Peas on the same level as Sly & The Family Stone? That's a harsh insult. [2]
  • Sly & The Philosopher's Stone? No?


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