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  • good shit
  • Just a touch of love & Party Lites <3
  • One of the greatest funk bands of all time.
  • The power violence band sounds really good but I really need to check out the funk band, seems to be nice to.
  • ''Slide'' really takes me back to the good old days.....
  • If I was a hip hop producer I would sample all their records. Just saying. Supreme funk.
  • Just a touch...
  • Birmingham Alabama Hardcore slave.
  • That funk
  • ah ok the power violence band slave. i might have to listen to some power violence and go fucking crazy
  • haha why are people talking about power violence on a funk bands page.....and i agree wtf is power violence? sound like it might suck
  • bass player is phenomenal
  • you make it sound like powerviolence was created last week
  • "Powerviolence"? Who makes up these genres?!!
  • R.I.P. Drac
  • Damn...I don't like funk from 70's at all but this group.....mmmm....yummy ....
  • mark adams,slave bass player has passed away,here is a little tribute i made 4 him
  • I dont understand why a group of black people would want to call themselves "slave?"
  • Mark Adams is, hands down, my ultimate bass hero. I mean, if you listen to any Slave track, it's hard not to just sit and say to youself "cot damn!". Just like Jaco (another bass hero of mine) is the messiah for any jazz/fusion bassist, Mark is the Yoda for all of us funksters.
  • Metal rules.. but the black music stuff is awesome!
  • Yeah, Baby Baby.
  • metal sucks
  • I remember when I was a slave
  • gosh i'm 15 again!
  • check out 'Forever Mine' from New Plateau LP, very underrated jam! cool, deep n mellow, you can feel it's soul as u listen to.
  • Heeeyyyy,you people,why don't you slide
  • Bass line to Just a Touch of Love is so money. Mark Adams is the man.
  • Eazyduzit, ur a fucking idiot. i mostly listen to extreme metal, but these are some of my favourite bands. fuckheads like you are whats causing the violence and anger in the world, the criticism, the sexism, the racism. and thats not fuckin on man. you'll learn this in later life hopefully. But anyways. Kudos to Soulfinger, you definitely know what you're on about bro. Slave is a truly GREAT band, this is what the gods listen to haha. cheers from a new zealand metalhead!
  • the best funk band ever!! ;) feel so real !!
  • Steve Arrington, that's all I have to say...
  • Hêllðððððððð Èvêr¥ðñê.......... ÄÐÐ Mê þlêå§ê
  • classic funk!
  • eazyduzit don't be a moron, good music surpasses category
  • Sorry,upper- class suburban soccer mom's also listen, sorry to break your bubble...
  • shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinneeee..................shiiiiiiiiiiiiineee.....
  • I resently saw Slave perform in Detroit at Hart Plaza and they rock it!!!!!!!
  • Come On Baby. Feel My Love!!!
  • Damn! Their album Bad Enuff is one of the best Electrofunk albums ever! Bad Girl is way too underrated btw.
  • super bad girl, bad, bad girl so bad. bad enuff!
  • just atouch of love ,a little bit !!
  • yo is this the band slave from the philly area.
  • one of the best funk bands ever.

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