• One Year at

    1 août 2006, 4h33m par jewofunk

    On July 28th I hit my one year anniversary with and to celebrate, I didn't scrobble. I was on vacation. Still am, but I found time to crank out some thoughts on my top 20 artists after a year. It's been a great year for me musicially and I learned a lot about my tastes through this great service. Thanks a lot!

    Tracks Played: 31,878

    20: Skid Row - 472
    Coming in at number twenty is Skid Row, and of course, I have not wasted any of Skid Row's plays on the "other" lead singer's album. It isn't Skid Row without Sebastian Bach. Skid Row is one of those bands that absolutely hooks you with an awesome lead guitarist and an absolutely amazing lead vocalist, and that's probably one of the reasons I can't get into the Soligner stuff. It's all about Bach, man. None the less, their three Bach albums are all flawless masterpieces in my mind. They'll probably be flirting up higher on the list next year. I can almost guarentee it.