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Sky Ferreira est une chanteuse, auteur-compositeur, actrice et mannequin américaine née le 8 juillet 1992. Durant son enfance, Sky Ferreira chante du gospel dans les églises de sa ville natale, Los Angeles. Âgée de 13 ans, Sky commence a prendre des cours de chant pour affiner sa voix. Avant son 15e anniversaire, elle attire l'attention de producteurs suédois Bloodshy & Avant en leur envoyant un message sur le site de…

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  • RELEASE SOMETHING. please [3]
  • RELEASE SOMETHING. please [2]
  • "Sorry. I've given it numerous listens and my ears still agree with me." omg! you should totally become a music critic! somebody call Rolling Stone Magazine now lmao! "Not gonna argue with a person I don't know about nothing at all" lmao why are you posting rants online then? after you spent the whole night ranting about how much you hate an album that the majority of people on this SB like, and you're still wondering why you're being made fun of, I hope you don't delete the comment like you deleted the "lack of intelligence" one. You done fked up lolol
  • Yep completely. I don't take Gaga seriously. Shitty drag music. Complete garbage. For real though, I can't ignore your top artist. Perfume? That's a group you "take seriously"? But you don't take Gaga seriously. "Cling Cling"? Oh, how embarrassing. As for Sky, it's not because it wasn't as electronic as "Everything is Embaressing" that I didn't like NTMT, it's because most of the songs were trash. Sorry. I've given it numerous listens and my ears still agree with me. I like the rest of the Ghost EP tho. Anyways, I'm done talking to you. Not gonna argue with a person I don't know about nothing at all.
  • v lmao @ "lack of intelligence" that makes as much sense as you not taking your TOP ARTISTS seriously or claiming that the 2 electro-dance-pop tracks on Ghost were superior to NTMT while saying is not a genre thing. If we're measuring ppl's IQ's based on comments I guess yours isn't higher than those puppies on your avi, now seriously morons like you are the treasure of the internet. stay oblivious <3
  • How the actual fuck did I misinterpret any of the bullshit you're spewing? Are you even reading my comments? Do you even know what sarcasm is? You obviously have brain damage. You started an argument about something that you don't care about.
  • v I guess sarcasm isn't your strongest suit either loool. Making fun of you is not caring. You're displaying some serious problems interpreting what you read. This is don't take it personally when others make fun of your stupid statements "attempting to drag me" how old are you? But keep it up every SB needs a clown and you're doing a great job at it loool
  • vv Honey, if you really didn't care you wouldn't have responded in the first place. And I'm pretty sure you're the one who is "mentally challenged" since nowhere did I say NTMT is EDM or I take Gaga seriously. What was the purpose of your comments? You just started an argument about something you literally just said you don't care about.

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