• May the Infinity Haunt me... In Darkness (The Essential Blackmetal albums)

    14 jan. 2009, 15h18m par JJM1

    Black metal for some individuals is more than just a CD in their stereo or an mp3 on their iPod; for these select people black metal is a way of life that few truly follow. Black metal has been a strong presence in the underground metal scene for about fifteen years now and continues to grow. But with the scene ever growing over these fifteen years there have been some great albums and some terrible albums. The point of this article is to educate readers on what I believe to be some of the best black metal albums ever. You may not necessarily agree with everything I’ve said, but in case you haven’t heard these albums yet I can only give you my highest recommendation. In any case let me tell you how this article came to be.

    A few weeks ago a friend of mine that is not so well-versed in black metal asked me a question, while we waited for our local metal store to open its doors. At first he told me he wanted to get more into black metal, and then asked what I thought the top ten best black metal albums were. …
  • Lunar Hypnosis Interview Archive, Part IV

    6 jan. 2009, 1h51m par JJM1

    As some of you know (and probably don't care) my long standing internet 'zine Lunar Hypnosis has come to and end and will soon be disappearing from the internet completely. Since a lot of interesting and possibly entertaining interviews were conducted over the years I thought I'd post some of them hear rather than letting them disappear into oblivion. As for the reviews maybe I'll post them on metal archives or something. Along came Part IV of the interview archive...

    Interview with Jenny of Omnia
    July 8, 2004

    JJM: Greetings Jenny! How are things going for you and the band these days?
    Jenny: We're very busy, but that's a good thing. The summer is a busy period for us; we perform at lots of different festivals in Europe (Holland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg...).
    JJM: Since Omnia is still a rather new band could you tell our readers a little bit about the formation of the band, its members, and the music you play?
    J: OMNIA is Sic, Luka and Jenny. …
  • The Finest Music of 2007

    8 jan. 2008, 18h02m par JJM1

    2007, like just about any year, offered up several worthwhile and satisfying releases. Some of these I’ve taken much pleasure in this year, and some I will continue to enjoy for many years to come. I haven’t made it a habit of compiling a ‘best of list’ or ‘top whatever list,’ but at least from here on I will
    certainly make the effort.

    Of course I fully understand that ‘your’ favorite album of the year may not be in this list, and you may ask yourself in complete bafflement as to how I forgot it. The answer is simple. Time and money. I don’t have an unlimited amount of either and indeed everything that’s mentioned below is of releases I actually own (meaning not mp3’s I stole from the internet). I do have to admit though that there were a lot of releases I missed out on in 2007, some even from bands I really enjoy as well there were a lot of new bands I wanted to check out, but failed too. If there is something you propose I check out then please by all means suggest it to me and perhaps I shall.