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  • Avatar de 1000julys
    I find his one hit wonder status sad.
  • Avatar de alainchaumont
    DakotaVal73 :-)))
  • Avatar de Mi-Di
    Find love is my favourite!
  • Avatar de warrenbacorro
    Beneath The Velvet Sun is one of my all-time favorite albums.
  • Avatar de p-wagz
    One of the best songwriters in our time, in my humble opinion.
  • Avatar de Elsajinx
    @nunomgl I was thinking the exact word - he really truly is talented and sadly underrated.
  • Avatar de nunomgl
  • Avatar de Drizzling-Blur
    The last time I heard his music was more than 10 years ago, amazing song writer.
  • Avatar de dnz81
    not much more than lullaby which is pretty cool
  • Avatar de Etedesco
  • Avatar de Mr_Pooter
    Heard California on the radio last night. Great song.
  • Avatar de DeucesAreWild
    Light You Up is really really good, but that's not surprising at all, Shawn is one talented due
  • Avatar de eednic
    sexay voice
  • Avatar de Thomasutra
    Light You Up is one of my new favorites
  • Avatar de franswilco
    No bull: Shawn surely saved my life:
  • Avatar de franswilco
    'Can't Remember Summer' is possibly my favorite number of Shawn's new album at the moment. Rated it just three stars a week ago. Now a solid fiver. Though I must admit 'California' and 'Murphy's Song' are awesome too!
  • Avatar de edwardp2
    new album "Light It Up" is excellent. Read about it here;
  • Avatar de Cherish28
    он бесподобен....
  • Avatar de habsss
    Душевный мужик)
  • Avatar de AlexShelley
    heard the lullaby song on The Office recently, luv it :]
  • Avatar de warbuckradio
    Behind The Velvet Sun is my favorite Shawn Mullins album. Everywhere I Go. Something To Believe In.
  • Avatar de im_shashkevich
    All in my head♥
  • Avatar de GHELIX
    Lullaby is great
  • Avatar de rodgewan
    很喜欢他的声音!肖恩·马林斯 i like his voice sooo much!Shawn Mullins
  • Avatar de Warlock1963
    Lullaby is a track I adore!
  • Avatar de Orylanna
    Hes wonderful. Cant believe hes a GA Peach!! voice of an Angel!
  • Avatar de iCrunk_93
    I heard Lullaby on the radio this morning for the first time... this guy's music is amazing
  • Avatar de barnesology
    Shawn is starring in a new TV Show called HIGH RISE which is free online at He plays a struggling singer/songwriter who is a bartender at this High Rise called Terminus. He has written some new music for the show and you can see him perform the new song "Running Away" in Episode 1. Great song!
  • Avatar de CrisRaf
    Yes, Pandora's Box is awesome! Sad but only less people heard of him in Germany!
  • Avatar de garphield85
    cool guy, also cool music!.. his sound's perfect..
  • Avatar de Sqwarts
    Wow, I can't believe I've never heard this guy before. The song "Pandora" is truly amazing!
  • Avatar de przemekb
    Jak nie lubić tego nudziarza :)
  • Avatar de DeucesAreWild
    finally the pic is right
  • Avatar de howarthc
    Is it me or does Shawn look... well... wrong. Lullaby is a great track though.
  • Avatar de UncensoredRocks
    Really cool and brand-spankin' new interview with Shawn Mullins now available at: Check it out!!
  • Avatar de musiclive999
    Has anyone been on the Cayamo Cruise that Shawn Mullins played on this year? I am a huge his lyrics, passion, beautiful baritone voice and soul.
  • Avatar de musiclive999
    Contenu du shout non disponible.
  • Avatar de ryanluse
    Probably my favorite mellow, modern singer songwriter of all time- This man has gotten me through the good times and bad times of love. See him live if you can!
  • Avatar de josecharts
    great musician
  • Avatar de slax13
    best guitar player I've ever seen live. and his voice is AWESOME! amazing storyteller and great personality. kind, cool and mellow. if you haven't seen him at Eddie's, you haven't seen him at all!
  • Avatar de mona_mothma
    The lyrics to Shimmer are .... just wow!
  • Avatar de xxbyamomentx
    'Lullaby' is such a sweet song. <3. I love it =]
  • Avatar de Johnny_D
    if you like Shawn Mullins, please join the group - [url][/url] - it's about him, his band and other bandmembers

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