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  • I CANT WAIT to see them in Houston Texas on 28 February!!!!
  • Loving heart believe me Your sincerity will Give me the strength to Work my way through the sea ! What a wonderful track. still loving it after years :D
  • Yeah I recently just watched Interstellar, and Seabound's Avalost keeps coming to mind. Great film... I enjoyed it, very similar to 2001:A Space Odyssey
  • Without You and Avalost. <3
  • Thanks, see you @ Santos' April 3
  • NYC?
  • @Jureiko, I'm sorry, but since when Seabound was about energy? If you want energy—there's Edge Of Dawn
  • [ The title "AVALOST" reflects a combination of the word "lost" and the name of the peninsula "Avalon" in Newfoundland. Initially, the track was even titled "New Found Land"; which I considered to be a nice album title for a while until we decided to go for "No Sleep Demon" instead. ] ______ [ The narrator has arrived at the coast after a long nightly journey, and he is watching the icebergs moving by. The scene is determined by the sublimity of those gigantic ice formations and by quietness. At the same time the claritiy of the ice evokes painful memories. ] -Seabound
  • Listen DIGITALLY IMPORTED FM FUTURE SYNTHPOP ! Visit my own and personal TAG ! : [tag]di fm future synthpop[/tag]
  • Everything and Nothing But Love are similarly as good. The album should have been songs 3 - 10, with a few remixes.
  • Sorry but new album is weak. Lacks energy and passion. 'Everything' is an obvious highlight, the rest is meh. Boring
  • "8 effin years after all the side-projecting..." indeed
  • Everything remix by Eevil King beats the original
  • I'm taking back my last post. Speak in Storms has finally hit me. Ohhh, Seabound.
  • i got the limited 2-cd edition, could I get those download links, please? :-) Would love to hear
  • Buyers of the Tempest Edition are treated to some additional remixes. So far 'Nothing But Love (Liquid Newt Remix)' and 'Everything (Slavemode Remix)' are available. Downlaod link to be found in the booklet!
  • FOR ANOTHER DAY hit me SO fucking hard...
  • The new album is good, very good!
  • Wow. It's good to know they've still got it, will be checking this album out in full - what I heard (Liberty Rose & A Grown Man) was refreshing.. I love this sound, will definitely buy this
  • Excellent!!! One of TOP 2014!!!
  • CD-Review: Seabound - Speak in Storms -
  • It might be too early for me to say after one listen through, but I can't seem to make up my mind about Speak in Storms :/ I was hoping it would hit me with the same impact that Double-Crosser did, but there was none of that this time round.
  • New album is lovely
  • glad I stopped by... I had no idea there was a new album
  • Great new album! We would love to have you back in Florida! : )
  • Enjoying the new album. I usually don't like remixes, but it's really 16/16.
  • Admittedly, I've never been a huge fan of Seabound, as evidenced by them being somewhere in the top third of my artists, but this new album is pretty good, in my humble opinion. I hope they continue to work their way up my list in the future.
  • Speak In Storms - The Tempest Edition : some seriously inspired music!
  • !!!!!!!!
  • Loving the new album!
  • such return, wow
  • 2 more days :) Can't wait!
  • Just can't wait for the new album!
  • I picked this avatar when Double-Crosser was new. Might be time for a new image!
  • New song available! Also two new clips:
  • 14th February: [url=]Speak In Storms[/url]!
  • They finally have anew album coming out!!! :D
  • Seabound is featured on our Oct 14th show! This week Communion After Dark spins new music from Seabound, Blume, Ginger Snap5 and more. Guest: Chris Ford!
  • Avalost ♥
  • Just like last year's 'The Escape', Seabound's collaboration for Dependence 2013, [url=]'Nothing But Love'[/url], is a stunner. Come on Frank & Martin, give us a new album!
  • I'm so Addicted to Contact! <3
  • And I smile, as I dream, about leaving
  • Seabound!!!!
  • <3
  • Wish they'd play Hooked live instead of the Radical Mix...
  • castaway is such a cute wee song <3
  • 'Floating' is a good rare Seabound song indeed!
  • ♪♫ღ♥Avalost♥ღ♫♪ ^^
  • ♪♫ღ♥Avalost♥ღ♫♪
  • Nope, not true Skinnydrifter. PM me ;)


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