• Slumberland Records Update, November 23, 2011

    15 nov. 2011, 19h26m par SlumberlandRecs

    Hello all-
    Out this week are new releases from Sea Lions, Big Troubles, Manatee AND Devon Williams. A big week for sure!

    *** Sea Lions deliver long-awaited debut album ***
    When Adrian Pillado formed Sea Lions in 2007, he wasn't really sure what it would be. His influences were something of a musical snowstorm, involving Crass, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Orange Juice, and Beat Happening. In the beginning, it was just Adrian singing and playing guitar, with his best friend Pat playing drums. Both had a history in Oxnard's D.I.Y. punk scene where a group of young kids had been listening to a lot of K, Postcard, Sarah, Creation, and (naturally) Slumberland records, and bands that were previously more into punk and noise started working in these new influences. The early days of Sea Lions were a learning curve, Adrian and Pat crashing and bashing their way through songs, often stumbling upon something beautiful in the process. Eventually they added added a second guitarist, and a bass player… and they killed. …