• Say Anything, hellogoodbye, and Young Love.

    17 nov. 2007, 20h36m par lovekimmy

    Fri 16 Nov – Say Anything, Hellogoodbye, Polysics, Young Love

    Well, first of all, Polysics did not play. The openers were Young Love. I can say that I had never heard of Young Love before last night, but I was not disappointed. Their songs were catchy and heartfelt. I am planning to pick up their cd.
    Say Anything came on next, which was a surprise to me. I thought that they would finish up the show, since they have so much more music than hellogoodbye and Young Love combined. Anyway, they opened up with Belt. They played Woe next, which was great. There was a break in the noise, so I took that as a perfect opportunity to yell out "The Futile"! The Futilehappens to be one of my favorite SA songs. So Max just laughs and says, "Alright guys, we're going to play 'The Futile, The Futile'. " It's safe to say that I flipped out. That's never happened at any shows I've gone to before :]
    After "The Futile", they played a few songs off In Defense of the Genre, including Shiska (Girlfriend)