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Satyricon est un groupe Norvégien formé au début des années 1990. Sa renommée est grande parmi les amateurs de Black Metal, car il est facile d'accès à l'écoute, parce qu'il a conçu des albums d'anthologie et parce qu'il est écouté par toutes les générations d'auditeurs. Après deux démos, comme tout groupe, Satyricon pose en 1993 (sur son propre label Moonfog Productions) le premier album de la formation, Dark…

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  • Satymor
  • IBlackened sure have a point here
  • Haha, nice to see the "shitty disco-rock'n'roll for teens black metal" shoutbox never changes. Also i heard that it's very wise to argue with trolls and retards.
  • @DrMosse, so people can't talk about classical music, because is too old for everyone here.
  • Hey all! Nodding Sky has just released a new song called "Hukka" - listen to it here: - and please give us feedback if you feel so!
  • @AinaeL is rebel extravaganza "shitty disco-rock'n'roll for teens"? kek
  • you kids are bit too young to fight about these old skool things, since you were barely around at the release dates, but OK, always nice to see some anger in young methul heads! hevi mosh and stuff.. testo faittiiin
  • @wholly-mountain Yeye butthurt from kids like you rly makes my day. Fuckin Trv Metal Militia, Ho Ho Ho, just kill yourself. Seriously, do it, but first swallow cum from those 10 cocks.
  • @AinaeL: "i can listen to Scooter and Satyricon shuffled" you could probably also take about 10 cocks in your mouth at the same time. Scooter is like the greatest music ever composed. The sheer genius of it's tone, rhythm, atmosphere and EVEN the genius lyrics. (the only lyrical genius greater is Kanye/JayZ/some rapper here). You should seriously stop listening to anything else, just jam those Scooter tunes bro.

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