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  • aikanaro, i probably expressed my self bit wrong. By the underground i meant that if that that mtv like money whoring and of course, musicians need to eat and buy stuff too. but yeah, shadowthrone are getting close to nemesis divina for me now
  • Thanks
  • good :) i suggest nemesis divina and shadowthrone
  • What are the chances ill like Satyricon if i like my black metal in the vein of: Immortal, Emperor, Darkthrone, Behemoth and Enslaved
  • for me, metal is rebellion, being against false morality, emptiness etc. And pop music falls to that category. to tobyislulz - popularity != pop music
  • lol @ andysoft but yeah, the now diablical is black'n'roll pop. The song aren't very bad though but that fame&mtv turns me away. Metal should be underground and made by heart not for money and teenagers fame. nemesis divina is my personal favourite
  • the best song on n,d is easily to the mountains. great song. but i do prefer the older albums. but all satyricon albums are good.
  • Well I like Forhekset... Prior to 3:55. That jolly keyboardish part ruins the whole song... I do like Nemesis Divina though, and even Volcano, and about 1 to 3 song(s) from N,D - because I am a mallcore kid. :].
  • Selling Out or Not.. Who Cares ? Still good Music though
  • I would have to disagree with you there. While I would say that most of Dissection's songs are superior to Satyricon's, Satyricon's first three albums are hard to beat. Plus, they're somewhat different bands (Satyricon started out as a pure black/folk metal mix, went more melodic, and then went to black n' roll, while Dissection went from melodic black to melodic death metal).
  • Epic metal is epic.
  • old albums : fuckinggggg amazing new albums : fucking amazing. They maybe change style but it's still fucking wonderful
  • wrong
  • black metal or not, dont care too much about this motherfucking things, the music kicks some fucking asses, and thats what its about, its about the music and not about true or not, fuck this shit
  • Volcano and Now Diabolical aren't black metal anymore. They aren't bad agree, style changes..
  • Now, Diabolic is the best album? o_O, Nemesis Divina has gotta take that title, It's a shame they created Now, Diabolical, since it's made many peolpe lose respect for them D:
  • It doesn't matter if Volcano & Now, Diabolical are really black metal … the point is, that they are the best albums (together with Dark medieval times) … and so i tag them black metal, because they were and for me they are still^^), doesn'Ät matter what they do :) …………… but when they make hiphop then we can talk again about that^^
  • Nemesis divina is a good black metal album, but Now , Diabolical is the best, awsome album
  • Ok I also love Nemesis Divina (Mother North rules), DTM and The Shadowthrone but in my opinion they reached a totally new level with Volcano, although it is no typical Black Metal
  • Nemesis Divina is a great album, even better than The Shadowthrone and Dark Medieval Times, imo.
  • Volcano rules !!! Their best work
  • Hellbent and raw. Armed to the core.
  • That's quite a skip!
  • Воистину :)
  • Mother North!
  • I'm so hungry for some junk right now. some satyricola and few demon burgers should do the trick.
  • the pentagram burns.
  • somebody should rewrite text about band. its completely retarded atm @ash - yeah like switching from ferrari to bicycle
  • Guh.. Frost is completely Wasted on Now, Diabolical.
  • what all speak in english?
  • Prime Evil Renaissance rocks!!!
  • lordzouk: Because a lot of people like it, and so it's played more. It's really simple.
  • MBM.
  • why is king so high? that song is just incredible stupid
  • It's a sad week when Mother North isn't on top.
  • Ktnc. Whgy dinz.
  • The joke is on you. New stuff rocks (literally) old stuff kills. How can you not appreciate 'To The Mountains'. They're not as much a joke as bands who did stay the same such as Dark Funeral
  • chida banda ciao
  • Check out our Black Metal Corner
  • listen to Ravencult or Sonic Reign. new style of Satyricon is a joke.
  • This band has become a parody.
  • I wouldn't try and read to much into Satyricon's name. The Satyricon was a Roman text written by Titus (Gaius) Petronius, the arbiter elegantiae (arbiter of elegeance) in Nero's court. It is an elaborate satire based on morality against greed, rapacity, and frustrating passions. A Satyric drama was a type of play, in which the Chorus consisted of satyrs, in Greece. But there is no relation betw
  • they are soft =O
  • I think I'm starting to like Wongraven more than Satyricon...
  • @TheTrueOlethros: you're right, although the ancient satyr plays and stories probably influenced the later Roman satire.
  • i got erection is underrated, that song blows
  • @Luuttuaja: You're wrong, satire comes from the latin word satura, not the greek word satyr.
  • King is nothing but a refrain with clean guitars. They learned how to sell their sound. And, yes, they became enjoyable for pop fans. But I prefer old Satyricon.
  • to those haters of the new sound, tag K.I.N.G. 'i am a party girl here is my soundtrack'
  • I'm not laughing.. Just having fun with (similar) words.. And they don't try to make music - they do it, and do it great. I love 'em =))


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