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  • Avatar de whatwillburn
    My local pub in England has a Sage Francis and Strange Famous wall mural :) Only saw it last week for the first time after 6 years of it getting bigger
  • Avatar de purrboxxx
    He isn't a psycho, he's a nice person. If you don't like him, it is perfectly fine to continue to live without visiting his page. I don't understand why people like to go out of their way to seek out things they DON'T like. Strange mentality, imo.
  • Avatar de KillahDeacon
    Agreed - Copper Gone is fantastic.
  • Avatar de JordyLicht
    What? You're crazy man. Copper Gone is an amazing record.
  • Avatar de andressolf
    He looks like a psycho and his latest (2014) album is terrible. Not one single great track on that bitch. He made some good tracks in 2010 but since he hasn't made a good track in 4+ years I think it's safe to call him a has-been.
  • Avatar de jessyrocker
    Love this Music
  • Avatar de jessyrocker
  • Avatar de Yeah_Brah
    The last album is pretty good, damn.
  • Avatar de alinavorwerk
    Love it
  • Avatar de jj8937
    My review of the Wellington show of the Copper Gone tour
  • Avatar de Jureiko
    hey guys vote up some of the more recent pictures
  • Avatar de vvinokur
    Please come to Russia!!!
  • Avatar de yuckyz
    so post post I'm pre post
  • Avatar de malloun4eG
    change main pic ;/
  • Avatar de luizprigol
    Damn, Copper Gone it's absolutely awesome
  • Avatar de MCReadle
    Copper Gone, funk me if this isn't the absolute bomb.
  • Avatar de John__Lemon
    There are such crazy lyrics but I feel for him.. There's deep pain behind a lot of these tracks
  • Avatar de DesertRoaming
    Copper gone must be the most quotable hip-hop album of the decade.
  • Avatar de DesertRoaming
    I noticed.
  • Avatar de John__Lemon
    They say anger is a gift, I am very gifted, and if ignorance is bliss I'm a sadomasochist. [2]
  • Avatar de PT-Fox
    Copper GOne was released without anyone noticing, it seems. Damn shame.
  • Avatar de MikaelRikhard
    Copper Gone > Personal Journals > Li(f)e > A Healthy Distrust > Human the Death Dance respect from Peterhof
  • Avatar de shaolin86
    Vonnegut Busy... holy fuck!!
  • Avatar de Nekro__b
    Li(f)e > all
  • Avatar de ThePrio
    So many good lines.
  • Avatar de ThePrio
    Never forget you were the sperm that made it. Plus that unexpected pregnancy could have been terminated.
  • Avatar de ThePrio
    They say anger is a gift, I am very gifted, and if ignorance is bliss I'm a sadomasochist.
  • Avatar de Notjoeybloom
  • Avatar de TAYZONDAY
    Copper Gone is fucking incredible, probably his best album since A Healthy Distrust. I'll be very surprised if it doesn't end up in my top 5 at the end of the year.
  • Avatar de Know-Know
    West Hollywood Troubadour tonight!
  • Avatar de John__Lemon
    7/10 for Copper Gone: " 'If you're going through hell, keep going'. Sage Francis is a genius, and it's difficult to picture him sitting there in his studio, alone, yelling in to the mic with this much energy and aggression without feeling some form of hope. He is stupidly talented, and for anyone struggling through similar circumstances this record will hit you straight between the eyes, it's evocative and illustrative of how hard it is to battle the inner demons when they get a foothold. But he is still battling. This would be an instant classic if he could keep his mouth on track for an entire LP. Either way, there's enough quoteable lines on here to keep rapgenius contributors busy for the rest of the year."
  • Avatar de Fonzcorp
    Copper Gone chokes me the fuck up.
  • Avatar de BlazeDrone
    the new album is the truth. really hits hard on just about evvverrry track
  • Avatar de Notjoeybloom
  • Avatar de Notjoeybloom
    [url=]Vonnegut Busy![/url]
  • Avatar de celer2008
    "Sick To D(EAT)H" is so good. The alternative versions of tracks on albums enlighten the latter, demonstrate an original intention and tone. It's the best mixtape I've heard in a while.
  • Avatar de Destruction
    New Mixtape out not: Digging the new tracks on it.
  • Avatar de Notjoeybloom
    The hottest part of a flame is [url=]blue[/url]
  • Avatar de avanillasky
    I'm selling a signed vinyl copy of A Healthy Distrust, for anyone who's interested.
  • Avatar de MrAlwaysAFK
    Thx for Sea Lion.
  • Avatar de Melvins_Jr
  • Avatar de Kruppo
    Haven't listened to this guy in a while; but with that said, "Waterline" is powerful. Very powerful.
  • Avatar de Nekro__b
  • Avatar de luizprigol
    come on guys underground is not only about popularity... tell me if there is a major label manipulating his job.. tell me if he is engaged with the music industry.. he is "popular" in the internet, because of the internet and his quality as a musician, not because of the tv or the radio
  • Avatar de JordyLicht
    This dude taught me hip-hop isn't just bling-bling and abusing women. He opened my eyes to a whole new genre.
  • Avatar de BlazeDrone
  • Avatar de sr_picpic
    little houdini
  • Avatar de HerrHakala
  • Avatar de inflikkt
    extreme temperature changes and fluxuations have been known to crack pipes
  • Avatar de MaximumPezcore
    v if that's the case, then I guess Led Zeppelin, Beatles, and Pink Floyd are underground as hell.


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