• Sabaton's North American Tour, El Corazon, Seattle

    1 mai 2011, 5h08m par Kanixtant

    Tue 26 Apr – North American Tour

    Having been very impressed with the latest albums from both Accept and Sabaton, I was hugely looking forward to seeing them live for the first time. While Accept are enjoying the second wind brought by Blood of the Nations, Sabaton are reveling in their first taste of North American touring, thanks to Coat of Arms. Aided by three good opening acts and a full, raucous crowd at El Corazon, the legends and the new guard went balls to the wall in Seattle.

    Support was provided by local bands Skelator, Zero Down and Sword of Justice - none of whom sucked, believe it or not. They may have been the three most entertaining opening bands I've ever seen. Their music was sharp, relevant and they didn't overstay their welcome. I'm not familiar with any of them to provide a more in-depth review, but my favorite of the trio was Sword of Judgment. Taylor Enloe pulled off some very impressive leads, and Jam Gandy was absolutely monstrous behind his kit. …
  • 2010 Graspop - Awesome !!

    3 jui. 2010, 11h07m par YasoKuuhl_07

    Fr., 25. Jun. – Graspop Metal Meeting 2010


    Nile was the single band I wanted to see at the first day. I just saw the last Songs, one was Sarcophagus and another one was Lashed to the Slave Stick, my favourite song of them !
    I have been behind the crowd but enjoyed the show. The Screen with the skull was quiet cool. That was a nice start into the weekend.


    The following Day started with Hail of Bullets, that was the greatest suprise for me of the whole weekend. I didn't know a song of them, but found their show absolutely amazing. They played hammering death metal similar to Bolt Thrower. After their show i headed towards the mainstage ...

    Sabaton, one of my favourite live Bands, kicked ass. They've done a marvelous preformance, Joakim joked as usual and promotes their upcoming shows. The Band was great and the audience celebrated them ! They played Ghost Division, Panzer Battalion, Attero Dominatus, Primo Victoria (Joakim: "And now we're coming to the gay part: you have to jump")…
  • Song History

    4 jui. 2007, 18h01m par Shahziya