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  • <3
  • he is a sweet human producing sweet sounds
  • nnnnhyes, sexy music <3
  • he is fucking awesome. really fucking awesome
  • devastador XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
  • gettin' into this through waves. awesome stuff
  • :DDD
  • Found some of your stuff on and loved it. Most of your music is pretty damn awesome. Keep it up :)
  • Technical Difficulties is awsm
  • Absolutely amazing new release. Keep it up
  • :D
  • I wish you the best of luck man.
  • saw you on chipmusic w shift... then i found intrinsic track on SC. amazing
  • I kinda Want a Full length now x: Delta/Control Style would be epic.
  • Vestige ,the best!!!
  • Thanks Smiletron for free downloads! SPREAD THE MUSIC :)
  • Delta is my favorite.
  • :] is where it's at
  • weeeeeee imo going to dance to this in my bathroom YAY!
  • Gemini will go down as one of my favorite dance singles ever.
  • Awesome stuff here! <3
  • I totally love this shit
  • Fuckin' good man.
  • ok. but you still have an unhealthy obsession with certain shapes and symbols. btw, Your music just gets better and better. Can't wait for more.
  • i'm . .your new fans :D
  • *wonders why smiletron is so obsessed with satanic and masonic symbols* Still love his music though.
  • new song eternal is genious *_*
  • cheeeck my neww ep ! :D
  • Want to hear a new style of music? I just uploaded this artist's music please check it out
  • great :] best chipdance
  • I still can't believe he doesn't have more listeners. This is some of the best recent 8bit I've heard.
  • Can't say I'm the most knowledgeable about 8bit, but I gave Smiletron some coverage:
  • Cute ^___^
  • I love this guy <3
  • неплохо
  • So much better than Nickasaur.
  • 'Technical Difficulties' is amazing.
  • You're my 8-bit hero
  • This guys hair gives me ocular orgasms. =3
  • awesome :)
  • yeah! greetings from steal 4 ram :)
  • your not on tour you whore!
  • cool
  • <3
  • shit..!
  • cool
  • This is the shit!!! Love it!


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