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  • This dude is amazing. Top tier production work
  • Outlook was amazing
  • You were amazing at SBSR, I can't believe what I just saw <3
  • He played live with Sampha last night in Dour ! He still managed to pull out some collabs tho..
  • Thanks for the amazing show in Milan yesterday. </3
  • someones jealous LOL
  • those comments about Disclosure were ridiculous.
  • Better than Skrillex
  • Wonder Where We Land is a feast for the ears. His style has really expanded since the debut. Sure, the new album is all over the place, but it's a great ride.
  • to chocad
  • Come to brazillllllllllllllll
  • Amazing show in Chile!!!!
  • After so many years of listening - I now bought SBTRKT ..awesome
  • come to brazil
  • not the best album i've listened to, but has some great tunes to get lit to.
  • Don't understand the negativity towards the new album, it's great! [2]
  • Come in BRAAAZIL!!!!
  • Don't understand the negativity towards the new album, it's great!
  • AMAZING set in Toronto last night. Killed shit. And daps'd him up after, very cool dude.
  • Don't waste your money on his current tour. Sampha isn't part of it even though he's featured on like 75% of his songs. It really felt like we were all jamming to an MP3 last night in Boston... They even managed to screw up with the xylophone on Hold on. NOT WORTH IT.
  • Problem solved, Everybody Knows, and Temporary View are my favz
  • "Voices In My Head" is impressive. Totally love it.
  • Too much feat.
  • dont understand why pitchfork didnt like their latest album. it's great!
  • <3
  • @jonhamms most of those collabs are with Sampha, so problem solved (no pun intended).
  • S'alright. The Light is incredible though. I'd love it if Denai Moore became a regular like Sampha.
  • "Gon Stay" is the best song on a great album!
  • i don't wanna be rude but how is he gonna play this album live? with like 75% of the tracks done with collabs.
  • WWWL is a major disappointment. Not feeling it at all, earlier material was so much better.
  • excellent.
  • gargoyles gargling oil.
  • In my top ten albums of the year for sure, really in to the new one
  • I really like the new album
  • Oh god I love the new album. Love it love love it. A massive leap forward from his debut. Give it a bit of time and it opens up like a flower.
  • Look Away >>
  • SBTRKT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wonder Where We Land
  • @yo_silver emsm e. eu falava ésse-bê-tê-érre-cá-tê.
  • "SBTRKT (pronuncia-se Subtract)" OBRIGADO
  • Problem Solved owns your mother and your father
  • new album is sooo weird, I LOVE IT
  • I'm not really feeling the new album. 'The Light' is great, but that's it for me.
  • great production, though most of the features were lame (with the exception of newdorpnewyork)
  • Never disappoints!
  • Damn this is such a grower.
  • new album is rather good
  • "Oh no, this bitch stole my look". SBTRKT about Sia.
  • I love The Light!
  • Some great songs on this album, Lantern springs to mind


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