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  • As annoying as I find it, I still have S Club 7 & S Club as separate artists.
  • This tag is correct for the Seeing Double album. I only use it when listening to that album because it's without Paul.
  • @scottdvbstyle S club 7 original 7 members, Jo, Brad, Paul, Tina, Jon, Rachel, Hannah. S Club, name when Paul left the band... S Club Juniors, original alternative band with kids lol... S Club 8, S Club juniors renamed on their second album... then re-renamed to i DREAM
  • The reunion has got to happen!
  • You people are ridiculous sometimes. Last.FM goes by what's on the album cover. Not what you think is easier. S Club is correct for the Seeing Double album and S Club 7 is correct for the other three. Get the hell over it. And if you're so worried about songs from both S Club and S Club 7 on the Greatest Hits, scrobble them from their respective original albums. GEEZ.
  • 2012 return <3
  • I see infrequent comments here noting a change in category, merging S Club/SC7? All I got to say on the matter is the greatest hits set features music from both and claims to be SC7.
  • I'm voting for [artist]S Club 7[/artist] as the correct tag, simply because it's less confusing. :) That's the name they used on most of their albums.
  • I am aware there wasn't 7 of them anymore. That is what I said. No merge. Completely different genres.
  • @NAAAATE, they changed the name because there wasn't 7 of them anymore, so the name S Club 7 would just be stupid. The two pages should be merged.
  • V...Pretty sure the name change was because there wasnt 7 of them anymore lmao... it'd be better if this was merged with S Club 7 [3]
  • I disagree. I think they should stay as their own band. That's how they wanted it. Hence the NAME CHANGE. Kthx.
  • it'd be better if this was merged with S Club 7 [2]
  • it'd be better if this was merged with [url=]S Club 7[/url].
  • they should soo get back together .. !!!! .. XD
  • It's ridiculous that S Club 7 and S Club aren't merged.
  • There should really only be 19 songs here (plus remixes). The tracks from Seeing Double (15), Discotek, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Say Goodbye, and Special Kind of Something. The rest should all be S Club 7.
  • Morri com o BBB da Inglaterra. HAHAHA
  • most of the plays will be with [artist]S Club 7[/artist]....
  • what with the low plays awh, my fav band!
  • Disco! Disco! love S club, shame no more great dancey cheesy songs.
  • They only have a littl over 100,000 plays?! Weird!
  • sooo many memories from when i was little
  • lmao.
  • I was a big fan of them when I was 12 xD
  • me too,this group reminds me of my youth
  • I miss them T_T
  • Vote S Club 7, please! poll on top left :)
  • yo digo "s", tu dices "club" "sclub", "sclub"
  • >.<
  • Vote S CLUB :D
  • I miss them ;(
  • Eee, I miss them so much. ;_; They were amazing. :) Still are -listens-. :P
  • I totally agrre with blabbers..... babblers for president!
  • i agree blabbers, i wish they would getback together, oh how much i miss em!
  • they are one of the another bands that should get back together to make more music.. Ironic how there are many new and crappy bands nowadays, when all these queality bands are disbanded :(
  • I dislike the splitting of tracks that happens between S Club and S Club 7 on my charts. Damn you Paul, couldn't you have stayed just to keep my charts orderly?
  • Though it's the hardest thing to say, I'll miss your love in every way, So...
  • I love S Club! Bring them back!
  • I loveeeeee S Club!
  • Gangsta Love <3
  • Wait, why am I asking?
  • Haha. What happened to Paulie?

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