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Rotting Christ (le Christ pourrissant) a été fondé à Athènes en 1987. À ses débuts, le groupe évoluait dans un registre black metal plutôt primitif, principalement influencé par Bathory, Venom et Celtic Frost. Sa musique devint au fil des ans plus mélodique et plus atmosphérique en intégrant des éléments proches du gothic metal. Paradoxalement, ses premiers albums semblent avoir plus marqué les fans.

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  • "kata ton" шедеврально
  • @Chaosweaver, that seems like a broad generalization. So all black metal is associated with church burning, only because of a few Norwegians in the 90s. Hm, certainly does seem like a narrow minded point of view. And what of Greek black metal from that same time? Or other European countries, America, and so on? And since when does expressing yourself mean justifying this kind of point of view?
  • Siesta-00 dont take it personally .... just expressing myself :)
  • @Chaosweaver666 - And are those 6's in your nickname just for the hell of it? You have a really prejudiced opinion towards BM.
  • I don't know ,,, but Everything in Black metal /Symphonic/Melodic ,,,, so great ,,,, \\m//
  • i dont like black metal coz of that stupid church burning crap.... i am an atheist though ... but i love this band :)
  • Just discovered them, and holy shit! They're great!
  • Their early stuffs are really awesome imo, especially i fell in love with Thy Mighty Contract album! it's another masterpiece, i can say.
  • Next happy black metal, meh.
  • great band

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