• Nobuooo 3.09 - Highest Voted Stories

    9 avr. 2009, 7h23m par jeriaska

    Here is a selection from among the highest rated and most viewed news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during the month of March 2009. Find out what people voted for and commented on during the third month of the year.

    In March there were interviews with Masaya Matsuura of PaRappa, Takayuki Nakamura of LUMINES, and several contributors to OverClocked ReMix. Episode 26 of Into the Score arrived, Hey Listen had its third edition, and kt2 released a new song called "Arrival of Detectives."


    PlanetSkill's Clamato Fever @ GDC

    @genoboost of Game Music 4 All just tweeted this video of PlanetSkill live at the Game Developer's Conference. A remix of the main theme and Ken's theme from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, the soundtrack was put together by OverClocked ReMix

    Polytron Releases Second Fez Trailer

    No one voted for it, but news of the second Fez trailer attracted a lot of views. …