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  • Newest Additons

    7 jui. 2006, 13h27m par Post-Rocker

    Newest Additons - First week of July '06

    Up until now I have never cataloged my weekly music additions. Reason being I usually have a lot of additions and a little amount of time, and it's a silly use of the journal feature (as are surveys and list, which I am also guilty of).

    However, the past week was an especially good week for personal music additions, so I thought I would post them. June 30th was my birthday and to anyone who asked "what do you want for your birthday", I replied "iTunes gift card". Also, a coulple of those I trade music with, gegibson and Nialloleary, were especially generous this week, thanks.

    So here it goes, some with descriptions and some without.

    Radio 4 - Enemies Like This
    I like this album, it will probably grow on me more, but so far it's not as great as Gotham!. However, it's much better than Stealing of a Nation. I like electronic music infused with danceable beats, but not when Radio 4 does it. …
  • The Stills and Rogue Wave live in Madison... and brilliant!

    24 juin 2006, 4h33m par DramaCrazed

    On Thursday I was able to see The Stills and Rogue Wave at the Annex.

    I got into Rogue Wave at the beginning of 2006 and I’m not even sure how. However, I instantaneously became obsessed and nearly cried with delight when I saw they were on tour and coming to … *gasp*… Wisconsin!

    The Stills have been an indie band that has been floating around my iPod, but barely played. I always
    liked them but in all honesty, there are hundreds of bands that sound like them and most of the time I forgot to listen to the band. So, I was mainly excited to see Rogue Wave instead of the headlining Stills.

    The Annex is a really small, intimate venue (which I love). Going to concerts is probably my most beloved pastime although I never really get to go to many. The reasons? My friends listen to shit music, are cheap and don’t want to drive out to Milwaukee… but really listen to crap “bands”.

    Finally, it was 9:30 and Rogue Wave got on. They played AMAZING. I really think Zach’s voice sounded better live compared to on record. …