• Killing Your Libraries - Episode 1

    18 avr. 2010, 20h25m par HumanRejection


    So idecided to make it a very public affair. As i want everyone to know the music i am listening to and indeed of my competitors. (yeah this is crafty) After being hunted, i will become the Hunter.

    In this episode, i will write down and explain how i did or did not like King's library.

    Each one giving you an insight in what i like and what i can cope with.

    Overall, so far this is a pretty heavy ride for me. I do not know how you can take clear vocals, then screaming then hideious breakdowns with soooooooooooooooooooo downtuned guitars and toms that weren't even tuned themselves. But hey thats Punk.

    Armed Suspects - Getting out of the starting blocks with this track by a band I knew but never heard before. Round of Shots, is a party-atmosphere sounding track, explosive, directed and bloody awesome. 9/10

    Agnostic Front - Legend has it, these guys are the best, and they sure did tell me that with their awesome track Before My Eyes. Catchy, meaningful, full of heavy crunches and by god my head banged like fuck. …