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  • This Is How a Heart Breaks <3
  • The new album has grown on me. In my top 10 of the year.
  • He's pretty decent I'd say. He's amazing.
  • He's pretty decent I'd say. He's amazing.
  • Resenha de The Great Unknown:
  • ONE SHOT ! It's amanzing music....I loved! <3
  • The new album is ok. About half of the songs are keepers. The other half are just filler. Seeing as I'm a huge MB20 and Rob fan, I was expecting more. It's a little too dance-y.
  • Trust You <3 [2]
  • Trust You <3
  • The new single "Trust You" is a decent pop song, but Rob can do better!
  • Right now we have only new photo ;-) ->
  • New album pleeeaaase!!!
  • ever the same
  • .....................................lame
  • his voice
  • "I hung out with Prince until 4am that night! It's a long story that I will hopefully tell my kids one day." - Toby Lightman may not be your average household name, but if you are an avid viewer of any of the following shows, then there is a very good chance that you have heard her music playing, as she says, "at the end, when everyone's crying": Vampire Diaries, 90210, Bones, Desperate Housewives, and more. Now on her own label, Toby talks to us about her bevy of television and movie placements, and what it was like opening for Rob Thomas, Train, Marc Cohn and, on one very special evening, Prince:
  • <3 sexy and a beautiful voice
  • Such an artist. Very sexy too. Can't tear myself away from listening to him.
  • I remember- one of the summers in 90s and this song, oh, memories! :D
  • New solo album please!
  • Lonely No More <3
  • Lonely No More <3
  • I don't wanna be lonely no more, oooooooh :)
  • This is how a heart breaks ♥
  • 90's...memories <3
  • <3
  • New photo from his Facebook ->
  • 2005 <3
  • This is how a heart breaks ♥
  • Genius Guy
  • lol sinbads bitch!?!?!!!!. i saw that one
  • i miss 90's
  • Sinbads bitch
  • In Love With The Ode .. All That I Am ..
  • My music taste has changed a lot since I first listened to Rob Thomas, but Ever the Same is definitely the best.
  • Change top 3 of his songs to: 1. Ever The Same, 2. This Is How A Heart Breaks, 3. Little Wonders.
  • lettle wonders & ever the same
  • Give Me the Meltdown, Snowblind and Mockingbird *-*
  • the best artist ever.! ever the same.♥
  • heard 'lonely no more" when i was at work. was not able to stop singing
  • Snowblind <3
  • Someday..^^
  • sweet!
  • Friendly_Bomb, только русские умеют так стремать)))
  • мило и ненапряжно, под настроение.
  • На какой фабрике блять штампуют и вырыгивают таких вот клонов?
  • та хуйня ведь,мейнстрим ведь
  • Friendly_Bomb, хочется блин всыпать тебе по первое число. Little Wonders ♥ [5] бля.
  • хуйня мейнстрим мажор какашечка ,ок? хочется вставить два пальца в рот и блевануть


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