• "Dibder" - Music From The Motion Picture

    12 août 2008, 11h55m par CvaldaVessalis

    Though I have indulged in this iTunes shuffling fandango previously since my introduction to all things, and even submitted my very own rom-com soundtrack as a 70-minute playlist (which proved to be even more annoying than I realized, seeing as I was getting annoyed with good songs as opposed to Working Title/Hollywood standards or overplayed chart hits this time around). In any event, I decided that, if I were to try this soundtrack-shuffling exercise one more time, a little refinement in my shuffle technique needed to be put in order. Firstly, only five-star songs from my library would constitute this CD-long roster, so as to make sure that consistency wouldn't be compromised this time around. Secondly, I am keen to propose that life doesn't necessarily constitute a set list of key rites of passage (Wedding? Birth of child?? Waking up!?!), so, as per my present life experience and my own pre-supposed life trajectory, I have established new criteria for each soundtrack cue. Thirdly, given my last. …