• A New Dictionary is Required for Such a Thing

    2 avr. 2008, 0h26m par zenpuff

    Sat 29 Mar – Boredoms with Northampton Wools (featuring Thurston Moore and Bill Nace)

    Another internet break for me. Perhaps the integration of memes and other forms of internet everywhere I go are making me sick of it. Maybe I have a rabid fear of becoming a hermit. Either way, I haven't been spending much time online.

    I saw Boredoms at the Paradise this past Saturday, and I'm still trying to piece together exactly what I saw. Believe it or not, they managed to sell the place out, having Will and I stare down from the balcony at the the largest mass of people I have ever seen in that place. Granted, I've only seen Roadsteamer shows there, but the sea of people below me was a little surreal. Of course, it was nowhere near as surreal as what they did in stage, which is very hard to describe in words. I can say that they had seven guitars melded together into what I can only call a monolith of ear-breaking sound. It was played like a gong. Don't ask me how. …
  • Recent-ish Album Rundown

    29 juin 2007, 5h31m par argus

    Tomahawk - Anonymous. I pretty much liked this from the start (other than the fact that it felt a little more like Fantomas territory), but it's still growing on me. On further listens I've realized it does still have elements of their earlier stuff around when you get used to things (Duane's guitar-playing is still pretty recognizable, for one), and I've noticed all kinds of strange Native American instruments in use that I didn't really pick up on at first. It's also kind of interesting how well the vocables mesh with typical "patton noises".

    Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army. The Beginning Stages Of... had some of their best songs, but was produced way too thinly for a band with over 20 people in it. Together We're Heavy had much better production, but got a little lost in all the epics. This one is a nice balance between the two.

    Frank Smith - Heavy-Handed Peace And Love. Not a guy, but a band. Got this on the basis of good local press and it being cheap and in Newbury Comics. …