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  • kewl song!
  • I heard Ringo and His All-star Band are coming to Baltimore!
  • Ringo the most underrated Beatle
  • kewl
  • yeah cool song
  • really like this :)
  • cool ,not bad at all
  • Ringo Starr: Getting goofy guys laid since 1960. Thanks, buddy.
  • easily better than Oasis entire catalog
  • WTF why isn't there any tabs for Ringo's songs???
  • naff??Behave jerry!!!!!
  • pretty naff
  • What a wonderful message.
  • Another cracking track from dear old Bongo!!!! Let the music snobs call Ringo--we know the truth dont we?
  • Ringo also can sing. . better than me!
  • God...Gotta love ringo... But honestly I think he should stick to the drums, But he was the best beatles as supersilly said...I wonder if hes done talking about the unidentified flying cupcakes...
  • razzmatazzle, is Ringo being a total baller a good thing? What's a baller? what does STFU mean? Pardon me but I'm old.
  • This is a pretty cool song from Ringo.
  • Impossible not too love him <3 <3 <3
  • Ringo was the BEST beatle!
  • your right Ringo didn't receive enough recognition
  • The Beatles are the best i don't know anyone that could beat them
  • Ringo-never received enough recognition. He's awesome!
  • ringo is ok in my book
  • eyf
    he was lucky to be in the right place at the right time you must admit there are better that havent been discovered
  • Why would a fan of any group try to compare the members? Love this track.
  • What is the deal with comparing the members of the Beatles with each other? They all contributed something unique to form this incredible band. It's not about who is "better" than the others.
  • no estoy de acuerdo para nada con testarossa 57, pero en fin cada quien tiene sus puntos de vista .... me gusta mucho esta cancion ...
  • Pobre Ringo, canta horrible. No se que es lo que hizo peor en su vida, si cantar o tocar la batería...
  • amazingly awesome!say " I " If you agree
  • Ritchie great
  • Very good.
  • i love ringo..................:D.........its true
  • I don't think that Ringo is as good as Paul, George and John. But... who cares? he's great! Besides, there's isn't The Beatles without the easy-going Ringo Starr?
  • @ sionborg- HOW THE |-|ELL COULD YOU SAY THAT!?!?!?!?!?RINGO IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • amo vc!!!
  • Ouch!...
  • this song is more against love than "for love."
  • not like it
  • <3
  • ringo is the shit!
  • Great song
  • he put on his fan site he will no longer answer to fan letters/E-mails because he is "too busy"Why torture me so,Ringo!
  • That 8 on the cover looks like two dragon balls.
  • Ese es mi Ringo!!!
  • ringo - please cease and desist from writing any more songs. This is woeful.
  • Great song

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