• Review: Tristan Clopêt - Purple [EP]

    23 mars 2010, 21h31m par innerearmedia

    Tristan Clopet – Purple
    January 7, 2010


    Tristan Clopet is an up and coming artist who makes a kind of music that can best be described as a mix of modern rock with alternative influences from the 80s, 90s and with a funky undertone. Some people have referred to Jeff Buckley and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I can definitely see the RHCP references, especially in the opener and Ethereal Evidence, yet I feel like it’s only partially fair to make that comparison, especially if you listen to a track like So Alive which falls more in the category of early Snow Patrol, Feeder & Republic of Letters, with the more anthemic build up.

    Overall it’s a pretty solid EP that shows talent in songwriting. The vocals are excellent, they really are and the guitar work is very professional. Everything fits together quite nicely. And while the songs are solid and well-written and sometimes even quite catchy…
  • Review: Republic of Letters - Painted Hour

    17 mars 2010, 23h45m par innerearmedia

    Republic of Letters – Painted Hour
    Spring/Summer 2010
    Independent Release


    A few years ago, Republic of Letters impressed me with a nice debut EP called “Spirt or a Ghost”. It only contained a few rounded, well-written indie pop/rock songs, slightly reminiscent of bands like Feeder, Switchfoot, Snow Patrol, Idlewild and the likes and I could already hear enormous potential in this young band back then.

    They now return with their official debut album, “Painted Hour”, which is pretty much as perfect as a debut album can be. All the songs have an emotional connection, lyrical and musical depth, passionate performance and the album fits together like one big package.

    The band has a strong live reputation in the San Diego area. They bring a high level of musicality and sophistication and mix it with emotion, energy and enthusiasm. It’s a combination you’d like to see in every single band. …
  • INTERVIEW: Republic of Letters

    22 oct. 2008, 22h52m par innerearmedia

    Interview with Republic of Letters
    (Oct 18, 2008)

    Q: Hello Republic of Letters, how are you doing these days?
    A: We are doing really good, busy writing new songs and playing some amazing shows lately. Most notably opening up for the Duke Spirit and Air Traffic here in San Diego!

    Q: First of all, who are Republic of Letters?
    A: Couple of guys with a lot of ambition and that want to be heard. Chris Venti - Vocals & Guitar, Nick Venti - Drums, Martin Newinski - Bass Guitar, Adrian Thorstensen - Lead Guitar

    Q: How did you come up with the band name? Does it have a special meaning?
    A: My brother Nick, who is the drummer, came up with the name while in college. It actually has a historical background, but for me it means the sharing of ideas. Communicating through your art is really probably the most important thing, it's that expression that can bridge between your fans and listeners. And it's a two way street...

    Q: You released an amazing EP called "Spirit or a Ghost"…