• Red Transistor – Not Bite 8.5

    31 déc. 2010, 5h42m par utopiantheorist

    When this begins playing, I don’t care what volume you have it at, increase it. Not Bite deserves it; it deserves you sinking your teeth into the spaz madness that’s about to happen. The singer seems to be working through some intense nervous breakdown, not realizing where he’s at. Vampires attack as he shouts “Not Bite”. Or that could be his dreary, boring life he’s rebelling against.

    Drums are around; they go this way and that. Guitars freak out, find their place again. That organ that thing is sort of being tortured in the background, gives the closest thing to an anchor. Urgency doesn’t even describe what’s going on, urgency isn’t enough for this. Your full attention and then some is demanded, expected of you. Just go with the flow.

    That’s the first track. “We’re Not Crazy” is an understated, low key affair. Nah, I kid. Its bass pinpoints your ears, going at some absurdly fast speed. Maybe it would be driving music if there weren’t any speed limits. …