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  • Fake
  • cool
  • " Just ... LOOK IN MY EYES " I Love You ... " Rains ".!
  • Actually got suggested to Rains since I listen to Royal Bliss and Art of Dying, but I find Rains reminds me more of 3 Doors Down and Revis, tho a little "lighter". (And 3 Days Grace too, like Whir_Around mentioned.)
  • Not bad at all...glad I gave these guys a listen.
  • Напоминает мне эта группа Three Days Grace и Egypt Central (Египетский централ, ветер северный). Голос очень хороший, он как будто очаровывает, имхо.
  • Pressure <3
  • hate <3 where can I get their album?
  • new album is very good!
  • Hate <3 x3
  • Очень не плохо. Голос красивый и немного тяжелый даже, что я и люблю.
  • i wonder if these guys sell tshirts & that id promote them like hell
  • + Look In My Eyes +
  • In a genre that's flooded with raspy yelling, Rain's vocals are definitely refreshing. Reminds me a lot of Three Days Grace, but much more smooth. I definitely enjoyed their album. They might sound rather generic, but that doesn't mean they're bad.
  • Hate <3
  • hahahahah rains owned that guy!
  • Just found out about this band... Not only I found their music pretty cool, but also it's damn awesome to see them come in person make trolls shut the fuck up. Cheers!
  • @yearssomuch I find it odd(and humorous) that you spend as much time as you do on this page given your absolute hatred for my band. I also find it odd that we are 39th on your top played list, right after Pink Floyd. Obviously your life is so completely fucking pointless that you have absolutely nothing better to do than sit in your moms basement looking at porn, and posting your bullshit anti-Rains rants on this page. Either way it keeps our page views going up so keep it coming and i'll keep writing my "shit lyrics"!
  • Love these guys.
  • Here's a piece of information for your future insulting endeavors.. calling everyone 'Dick something' doesn't work all the time, if ever at all.. kind of solidifies that 12 year old theory I had about previous users. But hey, thanks for coming in and helping me out.
  • @runeantonsen: AHAHAHAHAHA. 'Beautifully crafted'? No, just.. no. And you saying any song they've ever written has any sort of 'varied use of vocals' just shows that you know nothing. You should never recommend music, to anyone. Ever.
  • And 'Rains' just dig deep inside human hearts'? Hahaha, you must be incredibly sensitive for shit lyrics to inspire you in any way.. let me guess, Nickelback has a similar effect on you? Again, only children listen to this crap, or adults with the mentality of children. This isn't decent even by a long shot. It's uninspired, mediocre, and a rip-off. And you suck for liking it.
  • I mean, "I am contaminated with the retardedness of Yearssomuch?" What, are you 12 years old? Well, there's a good chance you are if you like this garbage. Get mad.
  • These reactions are nothing short of priceless. So gullible.
  • I judge music by how it moves me - if that makes the band great or not so be it - I don't care. The Stories album moves me like few records have done this year. It's soothing and mellow, and the melodies sit well on top of the arrangement. Original? Hardly. Beautifully crafted? Absolutely. And varied, just listen to the use of vocals in the verse of Liar. It also seems like they've put some energy into the dramaturgy of the record as each song rise and fall in a dreamy landscape as you proceed through the record. Recommended!
  • Great band and the songs have such good lyrics
  • "Rains" u r an awesome band..something that i can hear anywhere anytime in whatever mood i pls keep up ur good work... n now i would like to say some awesome words for yearssomuch like my fellow members hey u panty boy " y can't u just see that we hate u we fucking hate u WE FUCKING HATE U"
  • Новый материал бы уже запилили.А то сейчас переиздают синглы давно вышедшего дебютника.
  • Хорошая у них музыка ,вокал на высоте :)
  • Everyone has a different view on every band, people hear things differently than others. Doesn't matter if you like it or not... if you don't, then that is fine. But to tell others that they have a low taste in music then, is stupid. Everyone hears tones, music, etc differently. Doesn't make their likes bad, but makes yourself look like an dumbfuck telling others they suck for what they like. Don't come on, acting like your better than anyone and expect no one to say something back when you attack.
  • Nice band
  • Отличная музыка
  • All I'm saying is that these guys bore the shit out of me. I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  • Haha, you guys are awfully mad. Wildride300, if people really 'like' this 'music', then they're just not very smart. They're not a great band. I'm commenting to give my opinion that Rains is not a good band.. after all, this shoutbox is for the band, therefore criticism isn't exactly out of place. Oh, and I have friends.. but nice try. ;) ElectricWorry1: Your opinion about my taste in music is irrelevant when you take into account what band you're defending here. And if they're one of the better bands you've heard in a while, your standard for 'good music' must be pretty low. But hey, that's just me, and I can agree to disagree. Don't get your panties in a twist. :D
  • I actually had to make a account to respond to @yearssomuch, i checked out your page and i gotta say your by no means one to judge anyone's music taste. and well really wildride300 summed it up the best and i agree go get a life troll. Rains is one of the better bands ive heard in awhile.
  • Очень интересная группа!)
  • @yearssomuch, maybe you have forgotten that there are people out there who really likes this music, not to be 'different' or whatever you call it, this is a great band and if you don't like it, why are you taking the time to even comment bullshit like that? Get a life, go away from your computer and get some friends, idiot.
  • I like this band.
  • dude... i like almost every song on this album. i think its pretty sick
  • Some people have nothing better to do. Sad. Great band though, definitely underrated. :)
  • Like, it's not even a good example of Alternative Rock. It's just bad. I could understand this dude maybe getting some people in his hometown to like him but 200k scrobbles is a lot for such a mediocre artist.
  • Haha, only 13 year old girls and angsty Linkin Park fanboys listen to this crap. I know some of you 'children' are wanting to like this SOOO bad, because it's alternative and no one's heard of it.. so it totally makes you 'supah kewl n skool', amirite? Wrong. It makes you no different, just that your taste in music is a little bit shittier now.
  • They are so underrated :(
  • They're great and have a lot of talent i'm sure they have get more fans soon and then i hope they're making more cds :)
  • want to buy the cd...but i dont know how...hate to download...wanna hard disc xD CD- farming xD
  • They sound pretty good.. [x
  • They sound a lot like 3DG :(, but nonetheless good band, just not something I would listen in the long run.


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