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  • Need more, check out Wet Hair. Very similar
  • Forgot about these guys for YEARS, revisited on a whim the other day…really good stuff. Need more.
  • "best band 5 ever in history" FTFY make way for CADEN MORAN
  • Famously.
  • modern day warrior//tribal music
  • best band 4 ever in history
  • Hey, guys, do you like noise or lo-fi? A bit melodic, a bit synthetic, a bit chaotic - whatever! A fucking unknown needless project from Ural where bears in ushankas drink vodka! :D Check it:
  • Miss you guys.
  • rcoon still doesn't get teh appreciation it deserves.
  • The troll is strong with Steris. And the self-titled is amazing, but not listed.
  • Animal Collective for hipsters
  • ...with self titled closely behind.
  • Behold Secret Kingdom hits the hardest for me.
  • "гавно, братцы" - no u
  • гавно,братцы
  • Aaaaw
  • Is Night People is the best.
  • DOWNLOAD M*ASHtape #5 ft Tune-Yards | Gonjasufi | The Creeping Nobodies | Mi Ami | Wet Dog | Raccoo-oo-oon | Explode Into Colors | El Resplandor | WEAVE! | Pumice @
  • oop raccoo-oo-oon
  • reunion tour?
  • American Boredoms.
  • Holy shit this is awesome
  • Raccoo-oo-oon
  • goo-oo-ood band. big fan of Wet Hair and the various post-break up projects as well.
  • the 300 bands that have formed post-raccoo-oo-oon are ok, but I miss these guys. :( [2]
  • Iowa pride
  • дураки какие
  • Wait.. Iowa??
  • AMAZING, I love this band
  • post-huyok
  • post-rock LOL
  • man is good
  • agreed, invisible sun is my favorite. chills
  • Invisible Sun is choice. badass as fuck sax
  • this sounds a little better since the last time I listened to (a few years ago)
  • GOOOOOOODDD!!...very Good!)) ...всегда рады!))
  • Is Night People changed several peoples' lives.
  • Is Night People changed my life. [2]
  • To think this came from fellow Iowans. Wow.
  • invisible sun is pretty rawdawg. whats everyone elses favorite song?
  • sounds like a bunch of shit. but i guess that's ok.
  • these dudes fucking destroy(ed)
  • satanás mora nos bosques
  • wonderful band. Not such as all
  • For fans of Raccoo-oo-oon = :)
  • cant stop cant stop absolutely cannot stop


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