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  • Love the new album. A fitting conclusion to their LP discography, IMO.
  • "Thank You" is stunning
  • I still remember like yesterday when I first listened to Rökysopp... I feel as if a happy tear is coming along... I greatly appreciate every song you have ever made and every emotion they made me feel. Thank *YOU*.
  • ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)ㄏ
  • Contenu du shout non disponible.
  • "Skulls" is one of the best tracks of 2014!
  • o
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  • Define "fun" [2]
  • i think what some people are obviously getting at is the overall sombre personality their music has taken since the Junior days, its black and white difference for sure. Currently can't get enough of "I Had this Thing"
  • Define "fun"
  • Damn, Royksopp, you used to be fun. What happened, bro? [2]
  • The Inevitable End is pure awesomeness!
  • Sordid Affair and Save Me really need music videos. Just sayin. ♥
  • Röyksopp Forever!
  • альбом-Шедевр просто!!!
  • great new album!
  • Royksopp did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit:öyksopp_norways_finest_stuff_of_legends/
  • @niqart "should die with her ugly" I'm sorry, are you a child?
  • Skulls, Save Me, Rong and Something In My Heart <3
  • Robyn should die with her ugly "Do it again" & "Rong" & all her previous collaborates with Royksopp. She`s so annoyng in comparison with decent but more creative Karin Dreijer that made two unforgettable hits What Else Is There & Tis must be it. "Monument" from new album - the first not annoyng song (single version truly bland like all-arround electro)
  • Super new album!
  • Save Me <3
  • Amazing new album.
  • Something In My Heart (Music Video)
  • @niqart I'm almost positive that "Rong" was written about you.
  • niqart - didn't you mean 'Rong' instead of 'Do it Again'?
  • DPF
    Anybody else listen to CD2 before CD1?
  • First half of the album is great, but the second half (apart from Running to the Sea, which is 2 years old anyway) is disappointingly boring. Wish there were more a few more hard tunes like Skulls and the new Monument version
  • Their first weak album - monotonous & overextended... The only good track - Goodnite Mr. Sweetheart. Robyn should die with her ugly "Do it again"
  • Pitchfork review = one man's opinion. Just sayin.
  • The Inevitable End is a solid album. [2]
  • Fuck Pitchfork. The Inevitable End is a solid album.
  • I have the best music library that you ever seen :3
  • Polish "The Inevitable End" review
  • I'm really diggin the new record. I'm like... WOW
  • Love the album :3
  • fuck Pitchfork, I loooove this album, amazing vocals from Susanne Sundford, Jamie Irrepressible and Robyn.
  • The vibe in "You Know I Have To Go" is crazy. :-O
  • Yep, it's kinda good. Who cares what Pitchfork says. Opinion is like an ass - everybody owns their own. I mean - I like a lot of music, that others describe as "shit".
  • Who cares what Pitchfork says? It's one guy's opinion and he has his panties in a bundle. He was primed to give it a negative review before even listening. New album is great!
  • Pitchfork wonder if Röyksopp had to end their album career "like this." I have to wonder if they really had to end their review of The Inevitable End with "smell ya later." Jesus Christ.
  • solid winter-y album. definitely more fun than senior.
  • Pitchfork at it again.
  • I love their latest album but nothing else by them, figures.
  • Here She Comes Again <3
  • + 'I Just Don't Understand You'
  • Love the new album. With the exception of "Senior," I feel like I've actually enjoyed each one more than the last.
  • "v not false, but rong! ;)" God damn
  • Amazing!


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