• New South American Sounds

    30 jan. 2010, 13h01m par ipodista

    With so many great original tradional sounds coming out of South America it remains hard for artists to get the same focus as the music does. We all know Samba, Bossa, Cumbia, Tango, Son, Mambo but most people can scarcely name as many names of acts as there are genres of latin music. In many cases the acts may well have left South America to work or even originate from the many city's of the US that South American's emigrate to. Otherwise they will be one of the stark satanic metal bands that the continent excels in producing.

    For a variety on the traditional latin music you do not have to become a metalhead, there are many groups desperate for attention who are succesfully adopting the legacy of traditional latin music and blending it with influences from western rock, punk, ska, funk and disco to make great music for both their home market and those seeking to listen to something fresh overseas.

    For a variation of your current latin music experience check these artists out
    Los Amigos Invisibles a disco funk experience
  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 27/8/08

    29 août 2008, 18h46m par JyotiMishra

    Whoop whoop! Another excellent night at Lisi, loads of people in what seemed like two shifts with an emptier bit around 10.30ish.

    Russian Circles

    The best new track tonight was Russian Circles' 'Harper Lewis.' I don't normally go for lengthy, instrumental rock but, blimey, is their new album good. 'Harper Lewis' moves from dreamy, swooshy bits to lovely, heavy riffery. Excellent!

    The gorgeous Ms. London

    The best old track was, of course, Julie London's sublime 'You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To.' What a voice and set in a stunning arrangement that frames it perfectly.

    This is what you heard:

    Basement Khemists - Correct Technique
    Evangelicals - Midnight Vignette
    Cardopusher - Everything Is A New Surprise
    Stephen Malkmus - The Hook
    Reks - Say Goodnight
    Brighton Port Authority Ft. Iggy Pop - He's Frank
    Lykke Li - Little Bit