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  • TRUMP / PALIN 2016
  • Influential and controversial New York rap act that attained massive cultural significance, led by the duo of Chuck D and Flavor Flav.
  • The new album is better than I thought it would be. [3]
  • The new album is better than I thought it would be. [2]
  • Better than DRE's Compton...
  • боги
  • black is back!
  • godfathers of the noise
  • The new album is better than I thought it would be.
  • New album is ight. Cool to see Chuck D still slamming it down in his 50s.
  • new album amazing!!!!
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • just like that
  • Mmm-hmm, yet another pointless riot. I think it's about time to smash my PE-cds to atoms.
  • Public Enemy No. 1
  • Their political messages are a bit more clear on their more recent works, but musically they've kind of fell off, in addition to their messages seeming a bit repeated and harder to take seriously. iTaNoMtHUB and FoaBP are classics of the genre.
  • always found them to be a bit overrated.
  • Хип хоп что надо. Возможно лучший, есть подозрения на этот счет.
  • "Brothers and Sisters, I Don't Know What this World is Coming to!”
  • lol @ accusing Elvis of racism.
  • Terminator X and the Bomb Squad are the best thing about this group. Can anyone justify the occasional racism and homophobia?
  • The band that came to me from overseas. YO! MTV RAPS hit me Shut'em Down. Since the 90s, it took some time and had aged, but Public Enemy is for me the most important band ever experienced. Anyway, it's not just the band, is the successor of Martin Luther, Malcolm X. They came to me from across the ocean, shook and changed forever! You are Louder than a Bomb! (my favorite is JMJ Telephone Tap Groove from Greatest Misses). Mam nadzieję, że wasi bohaterowie trafią na znaczki. Dzięki
  • racist and homophobic but i still love the music
  • Постоянно не доходили уши до них, вникаю в данный сабж и думаю - я грешил, что не слушал.
  • My Uzi weighs a ton!
  • It's time for yoohoo & friends
  • they was, are and always will be the best hip-hop team
  • нет лучше группы в истории хип-хопа. [3]
  • Saw them last summer at a festival, so the length cannot be determined on that. But it was cool. I'm not an hiphop expert or anything but I liked it. Old school, back to basics type of thing. The Security of the 1st world guys (or whatever those dudes in green army type clothes are called) were quite silly with they're salutes and pushups. But good fun.
  • Hey, shoutbox, how good are public enemy live these days?? They're coming to my town, but its slightly more expensive than i expected, so any word on how long they play and how memorable it is??
  • i love chuck d
  • Fear of a Black Planet is the most perfect collage record and the greatest hip hop album I've ever heard. Love PE.
  • The best rap group of the world
  • The revolution will not be televised!
  • нет лучше группы в истории хип-хопа. [2]
  • MistaChuck's a modern day Malcolm X. Much respect to the Commissioner.
  • It is possible to have great lyrics in a Rap/Hip-hop group!
  • нет лучше группы в истории хип-хопа.
  • Don't let a win get to your head or a loss to your heart.
  • I should start paying closer attention to their lyrics
  • I have never appreciated 'Yo! Bum Rush The Show' properly. Such an important classic in hip-hop history!
  • ICEbreaker kicks ass.
  • kicked ass at riot fest
  • .·1³·.
  • Give It Up should be in top 15


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