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  • Avatar de gustr15
  • Avatar de Todenpieli
    Holy fuck, this is great!
  • Avatar de scientist4u
    Special song ,,
  • Avatar de soulxdeath
    muy buena esta canción, me gusta mucho.
  • Avatar de Lp764
    amazing .....
  • Avatar de sl8221958
    Needs a banjo
  • Avatar de macho2
    Song goes from great to amazing at 3:58. Wow.
  • Avatar de Puppies_On_Acid
    The live version of this from Arriving Somewhere is beyond amazing.
  • Avatar de NGC_6853
    "I'm not special like you. [2] [...] Can I call you on the telephone, now and then?" Yes, depressing ...
  • Avatar de lizasixsixsix
    Обожаю это вот "... and I'm so alone..."!!!
  • Avatar de Drazba
    lovely--great sax
  • Avatar de MegaDave89
    Right tag.
  • Avatar de Kilgorer
    Well done SW
  • Avatar de lukasz_pulawski
    one of their best compositions
  • Avatar de jamesusillxd
    Dat Sax [4]
  • Avatar de AAAAmiRRRR
    dat sax [3] <3
  • Avatar de Mirrorio
    love saxophone part
  • Avatar de vinnyduke
    dat sax [2]
  • Avatar de Nedwyn
    you got shine on you crazy diamond in your porcupine tree.
  • Avatar de zxc2323
    dat 3 minute mark
  • Avatar de sev8ath
    Epic sax, very "floydish". Listen and learn, Manu!! lol
  • Avatar de guto013
    fuck yes theo travis
  • Avatar de thewishka
    dat sax
  • Avatar de Bellatrix_24
    ...can I call you on the telephone,,,now and then...
  • Avatar de Milanowitsj
    Total eargasm when the sax part started
  • Avatar de the11thday
  • Avatar de vacantwinterday
    Ouch... I forgot how depressing this song was.
  • Avatar de pablo323
    What a song!
  • Avatar de karolcia_1993
    no words to describe this song's brilliance.
  • Avatar de J0ttem
    The mid-section of this song is among the greatest things this band ever did.
  • Avatar de pilgrimage145
  • Avatar de TTS
    puta que pariu.
  • Avatar de vanilla_dream
    I'm not special like you.
  • Avatar de M8T7
    All about the solos. Incredible.
  • Avatar de Necrophetamine
    One of their best songs. From about 2:57 to 5:00... ahh, bliss! I hope PT includes the saxophone in another studio album soon...
  • Avatar de PorcupineTrains
    This song, to this day; just does something to me I can't explain.
  • Avatar de deadmarc
    @Johnnyz86: about one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred and twenty-three;)
  • Avatar de LucifereZ
    One light burns in a window It guides all the shadows below Inside the ghost of a parting And no-one is left, just the cigarette smoke <3
  • Avatar de jamesusillxd
    Favorite PT track along with 'Stop Swimming'.
  • Avatar de Dark_Poetry
    too depressing ><
  • Avatar de The Creed
    Man, that saxophone solo never gets old. ♫
  • Avatar de Johnnyz86
    Does anyone know how many listens it takes till this saxophone solo gets old? And ugh.. that flute.. and bass line. My God.
  • Avatar de Aldhisslan
    Love the floydish sax-part. <3
  • Avatar de adace
    That guitar solo at the end is what guitar solos are supposed to be like. Why go to all the effort of furiously shredding when you can just make a beautiful melody like that? And I love the sax as well!
  • Avatar de deadmarc
    definite centerpiece of Stupid Dream, beautiful track.
  • Avatar de JackMart
    Interesting how Don't Hate Me and Hatesong are both 8:30 long.
  • Avatar de gnrseb
    Can I call you on the telephone, now and then...? I just love the part after this!
  • Avatar de thenewseeker
    everytime i listen ,something gets me down,dont know why.sax is sex[3] indeed
  • Avatar de MapacheMaldito
    love it
  • Avatar de jag66
    this took a while to grow on me.. fucking loving the sax!


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