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  • Holy fuck, this is great!
  • Special song ,,
  • muy buena esta canción, me gusta mucho.
  • amazing .....
  • Needs a banjo
  • Song goes from great to amazing at 3:58. Wow.
  • The live version of this from Arriving Somewhere is beyond amazing.
  • "I'm not special like you. [2] [...] Can I call you on the telephone, now and then?" Yes, depressing ...
  • Обожаю это вот "... and I'm so alone..."!!!
  • lovely--great sax
  • Right tag.
  • Well done SW
  • one of their best compositions
  • Dat Sax [4]
  • dat sax [3] <3
  • love saxophone part
  • dat sax [2]
  • you got shine on you crazy diamond in your porcupine tree.
  • dat 3 minute mark
  • Epic sax, very "floydish". Listen and learn, Manu!! lol
  • fuck yes theo travis
  • dat sax
  • ...can I call you on the telephone,,,now and then...
  • Total eargasm when the sax part started
  • Love
  • Ouch... I forgot how depressing this song was.
  • What a song!
  • no words to describe this song's brilliance.
  • The mid-section of this song is among the greatest things this band ever did.
  • TTS
    puta que pariu.
  • I'm not special like you.
  • All about the solos. Incredible.
  • One of their best songs. From about 2:57 to 5:00... ahh, bliss! I hope PT includes the saxophone in another studio album soon...
  • This song, to this day; just does something to me I can't explain.
  • @Johnnyz86: about one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred and twenty-three;)
  • One light burns in a window It guides all the shadows below Inside the ghost of a parting And no-one is left, just the cigarette smoke <3
  • Favorite PT track along with 'Stop Swimming'.
  • too depressing ><
  • Man, that saxophone solo never gets old. ♫
  • Does anyone know how many listens it takes till this saxophone solo gets old? And ugh.. that flute.. and bass line. My God.
  • Love the floydish sax-part. <3
  • That guitar solo at the end is what guitar solos are supposed to be like. Why go to all the effort of furiously shredding when you can just make a beautiful melody like that? And I love the sax as well!
  • definite centerpiece of Stupid Dream, beautiful track.
  • Interesting how Don't Hate Me and Hatesong are both 8:30 long.
  • Can I call you on the telephone, now and then...? I just love the part after this!
  • everytime i listen ,something gets me down,dont know why.sax is sex[3] indeed
  • love it
  • this took a while to grow on me.. fucking loving the sax!
  • One of their bests song. Nice atmosphere, nice solo. Perfect


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