• In my May show: Pop Fosters

    3 mai 2010, 13h32m par Unwashed

    Pop Fosters

    Finding a band working strictly in a guitar punk/garage idiom has lost much of its excitement for me these days. Too often it’s like revisiting a much-cherished place from younger days, and finding it exactly as you remembered it, but with none of the magic in place. You wonder whether it was ever as good as your memory told you it was.

    Which is why discovering a guitar and drums two-piece called Pop Fosters is so great. Because what they do is simultaneously remind me that, of course, it is a very special place and that you can indeed inhabit and make it very new. In the process they restore the magic to its rightful place, and add loads more of their own.

    Pop Fosters are Richie Day (guitar) and Sara Askew (drums). They make brief, energy-fuelled songs where the vocals, melodies, riffs are right where you want them to be and always give a bit more besides. They’re from Wakefield, but the musical country they inhabit is a small, beautifully manicured place where few songs last more than two minutes but…