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  • <3 love you <3
  • v you're goddamn right.
  • In my opinion, they are one of those bands that can't go wrong.. Their play, their vocal, their lyrics, it's actually amazing how constantly good they are during all these years..
  • Temple of Thought ♡
  • Sleep <3 [2]
  • Is he considered a singer? because to me he's just talking over the music and just changes pitch slightly. sounds a bit lame.
  • for all those who want to bring old lastfm back!
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Amazing group, striking text and magnificent musical execution!
  • Everything about POTF is great! Great music, great live, great guys! Happy to have met them.
  • POTF are my substitute for love
  • Sleep <3
  • Cannot wait for their gig in London!!!
  • این بند عالیه...
  • This band is AMAZING!!!! Why did it take me this long to find out about them?? D:
  • I admire their singing! These votes allow the imagination to play the most interesting thoughts.
  • Daze <3
  • I wish these guys would come to the states.
  • I don't know why I waited so long to listen to Jealous Gods because... it's amazing. :D
  • In love in "miss imposible" \\(=^o^=)/
  • Que vício, meu Deus!
  • It's a merry go 'round and 'round and 'round
  • Rogue is the most energizing track from the new album. Second place goes to Choice Millionaire, third - to Rumors.
  • I really need to get into Jealous Gods. It has some amazing tracks on it. Daze, Jealous Gods, Rogue, Hounds of Hamartia, Choice Millionaire and more. But it's a tad different than the earlier albums, which makes it a bit harder than it should be. But Marko's voice.. damn. I want him to do more of those high notes! Love them.
  • Jealous Gods is a brilliant of their best since long.
  • Sleep, sugar... <3
  • Очень нравятся у них спокойные лирические композиции. На каждом альбоме традиционно вставляют парочку таких. «Jealous Gods» не оказался исключением. Хорошая качественная музыка.
  • Thanks for incredible Russian Tour! Love U. Forever and ever.
  • rock-pop...not bad, like rumors
  • come to the USA
  • Thanks for the live show in Ufa. And for really Late Goodbye.)
  • Hi to all POTF lovers! We just created Poets of the Fall -Spain- group on FB so if you're a huge fan of them and dream about to see them live in our country feel free to join us , spread the word and support the band!
  • Vote up
  • Спасибо "Max Payne 2", благодаря этой игре я познакомился с этой божественной группой
  • like
  • It usually takes me a while to like an album. I was thinking some tracks were good and others were great! But after seeing you guys in London live, I honestly think it's one of your best albums! I mean, they're all good, but hearing tracks like Rogue and Choice Millionaire like was just ... : O
  • Jealous Gods is perfect! THANKS!
  • Божественная музыка! Обожаю)
  • New album is the first one to disappoint me :/ Daze > Hounds to Hamartia > Jealous Gods >>>>>>>> the rest
  • New album is incredible <3 In love with all tracks <3
  • i've fallen in love all over again!
  • Где композиции потяжелее? Где гитарные запилы в стиле Lift или тяжелые гитарные партии в стиле Sorry Go 'Round? Я этого ждала...В целом неплохо, но не лучший их альбом.
  • новый альбом слишком копия предыдущего. однообразен
  • New album is awesome! <3
  • Hey guys, please explain me from what album is the song "You know my name"? Please wripe me to the private. Thank you in advance. And yes, the new album is very good!
  • The new album is AWESOME! I'm so in love with 'Brighter Than the Sun'!
  • Holy shit, the new album.... Amazing
  • Rogue <3


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