• Rocket Science A Go Go

    10 avr. 2007, 10h20m par ghostchild

    Fri 23 Mar – Pink Martini

    After the concert, someone told me that it was the best of their shows ever from out of three times in the last 6 years that they'd played. Well, it was the first time I'd ever seen them, and with only two albums to play I was a bit sceptical. But as luck would have it they presented new songs form the forthcoming Hey Eugene! album which even managed to ascend their already amazing repertoire. China sings ten times better live than the early recordings would attest to, although her version of Amado Mio is already truly incredible. Halfway through the set, I thought I was watching rocket scientists performing columbian, and around the world beat music. It's all very precise, and you have moments of wondering if it's live, but you can see the interplay between the musicians, and hear that the singing is live. I was also happy that my favourite weird Japanese track Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu was sung in duet with China Forbes who isn't involved on the album version. …