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Pink Floyd

Atom Heart Mother (17:10)


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  • Like Ennio Morricone on LSD. [6]
  • Just incredible.
  • Masterpiece
  • That cello gives me goose pimples.
  • Silence in the studio!
  • Like Ennio Morricone on LSD. [5]
  • Sometimes I think the only LP I'd ever need would be this on side 1 and Echoes on side 2.
  • Like Ennio Morricone on LSD. [4]
  • Whoa...
  • 15:30-23:42 great!
  • Like Ennio Morricone on LSD. [3]
  • One of the best long progressive songs
  • You know why I like music? Because of that
  • Pink Floyd don't like this album, they say it's their worst... i don't care, i love this song and Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast.
  • Like Ennio Morricone on LSD. [2]
  • One of the best and more underrated songs of all time.
  • e vai tomar no seu cu iago [2]
  • Awesome!... Really Awesome!
  • KQED version is excelent
  • Best song ever!
  • This is one of the strangest songs on planet Earth, but I damn sure love it.
  • This song is much better than Echoes, which is a great song in its own right
  • sublime
  • Adele - Skyfall is too similar with this song, though
  • Live Version without Orchestra sounds bizarre! (Smoking Blues version, for example).
  • This is perfection
  • The lack of lyrics really ruins this song. It's not so much a song as a bunch of nice moments and time-wasting filler shoved in a blender for 23 minutes, failing to really cohere into anything unitary. Getting a whole choir on the song and then not bothering to write any lyrics for them just feels like such a lazy cop-out. This feels more like a dress rehearsal for "Echoes" than a real song; "Echoes" basically does everything this song does, but a million times better: it's actually *about* something, it holds attention all the way through, it has better riffs, it has a more interesting free-form noise middle, it doesn't plod like motherfuck all the way, hell it even does the Funky Dung thing funkier. I don't like to admit this but I really can't get behind all the praise about it being one of Pink Floyd's best songs. "One of Pink Floyd's most bloated songs" sounds more accurate. I guess there always has to be somebody pissing in the punchbowl, and this time it happened to be my turn.
  • One of their best songs.
  • The choir is singing in Klingon, yes. How more awesome can this band get?
  • WTF Did I just hear a Dalek at about 19:10???
  • Best song ever; e vai tomar no seu cu iago
  • Dormi
  • The choir are singing Klingon, aren´t they?
  • Way underrated song
  • im getting some acid flashbacks here. p fucking great song
  • After all this time..... always.
  • It's good, then it's bad, then it's awesome, then it's terrible, then it's great !
  • Truly amazing song.
  • Wrong time!
  • Me encantan estas chorradas
  • Amazing ♥
  • magical
  • so perfect
  • so many feels
  • there is everything that you can and can't imagine in this song!!
  • I can't stop listening this track. Everytime I hear it I found something new about it.
  • One word: Masterpiece.
  • This is perfect.
  • fuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkk


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