• My best of 2012

    30 déc. 2012, 12h22m par Zero_my_hero

    Another year passed. Who gives a fuck?

    TOP 10 LP:

    10. Future of the Left: The Plot Against Common Sense
    In 2012 it's very hard to create epic music without being ridiculous. One possible method is to mix up epicness with great quantities of "motherfuckerness".

    9. Global Goon: Quonk
    Monstre compilation of the most bizarre acid songs I've ever heard in my life.

    8. pozvakowski.: sevenpeopleleft
    Way more noisy and aggressive like their previous works. Full with energy, gives you beautiful pictures of isolation.

    7. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin: Instrumental Tourist
    Inspired, wonderfully psychedelic wall of sounds. Just as good as the artists.

    6. Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet: Walk, Love, Sleep
    Fucked-up jazz monsters, manifesto of serious madness.

    5. Moritz von Oswald Trio: Fetch
    Long, slow, dark, erotic, surprising - best soundtrack for being alone high and sad.

    4. Kid606: Lost in the Game
    I really like this new direction of Kid606. …
  • The albums I bought

    6 jui. 2007, 0h13m par Pyroclasm

    This is a list with all the albums I ever bought (at least those of which I dare to come out with, which mean all since I started listening (real = non-nu-) metal ;)). The stars * are given by myself and will ofcourse be different than your opinion about the album. The amount of * may change with time ofcourse.

    * : very very bad music (which i will never ever buy)
    ** : a disappointment in some way. Should have better not bought this album
    *** : a good album
    **** : a very good album, really worth it's money (if you're into the same kind of music as I am ofcourse)
    *****: awesome fantastic supergreat album!! this stuff never gets boring, and it's a shame if you don't know it (if you're into the same kind of music as I am ofcourse)

    **** Altaria - Divinity
    *** Axenstar - Perpetual Twilight
    *** Angra - Hunters and Pray
    TBA Angra - Temple of Shadows
    ** Athena - Twilight of Days
    **** Axxis - Paradis in Flames
    ** Ark - Ark
    **** Alkemyst - Meeting in the Mist
    *** At Vance - Only Human