• Future Trance 46

    7 déc. 2008, 18h02m par speedy_kevin

    It's been a few weeks, but i'm back. Giving you a update on some new Hands Up releases.

    Future Trance 46
    The album opens with the new Alex C, Picco vs jens o jump remix.
    In my opinion the original mix is better, all those jump remixes sound the same.
    Master Blaster with Everywhere is the next new song, the Groove Coverage remix has the real GC sound. Looking forward to hear the original mix.
    Jump with me brings back the rock/dance sound from the 89'ers, I like it but I hear alot of different opinions from others.
    Finally a release of DJ Gollum - All The Things She Shaid. Great remake, real pounding beat. The rip has been floating around for a few months already.
    Paffendorf - Self Control is disappointing because I totally love the vocals from the original song, which aren't in here.
    Dan Winter - Don't Stop Pushing; sounds like any other Dan Winter song, a good Hands Track, nothing special for me. Maybe because I don't know the original song, if it is a cover.