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  • Weatherhouse is so amazing that should be the 9th radiohead studio album
  • Was not aware this existed. What a pleasant surprise.
  • Really love Comin' Up for Air :)) Also really loved listening to Philip's record choices on bbc6 music sunday. Excellent stuff.
  • Сегодня просматривал рекомендации от ласта - неожиданное открытие... Шикарное звучание, и нервы не так рвёт как музыка от Тома)))-) Золотая середина для меня...
  • Weatherhouse is becoming more and more with every listening <3
  • Weatherhouse is sublime!
  • i love miles away so much. weatherhouse is solid, and suits my current mood so well.
  • it really is! excellent
  • new stuff is really a step forward
  • "It will end in tears" is simply...<3
  • I must say, "Coming Up for Air" is truly awesome.
  • lip, i'm so proud ok
  • so sweet <3
  • wait, what? PHIL?! i wish i hadn't been asleep for so long.
  • maybe you'll like:
  • I must agree
  • Did he ever write a song in radiohead? because all the tracks in "Familial" are amazing
  • To Philip Selway's 'By Some Miracle':
  • Прекрасная музыка
  • Amazing Tunes
  • Happy Birthday :)
  • A new EP.cant wait to listen .
  • I would normally stray from this kind of music, since it tends to take me more "down the street" than to other worlds like music should, but there's a leverage of maturity to Selway's approach that I like. That's what's keeping me around for Familial. I really should check that one out. I hope Selway comes out with another solo album.
  • real great album. i fall in love with album))
  • Amazing voice and album, I can't believe why not is more popular like Thom Yorke or Jonny Greenwood if he is very good musician.
  • great album
  • oh finally i found a new singer worth of listenning to,thanx god i am tired of my old music.
  • sticky 4 selway
  • gay 4 the graf
  • phaggot 4 phil
  • The new ep is amazing
  • love you man!! :)
  • Definitely did not not expect the album to be that good. Who would have known?
  • <3
  • мой теска блеать
  • Happy B-day
  • Hey, happy birthday!
  • check out my interview with Phil from late last year...
  • Phil Selway's drumming is so precise, people use it to correct atom clocks
  • When Phil Selway volunteered for The Samaritans, UK's suicide rate dropped to 0%
  • Phil Selway sells drums and drums accessories.
  • In Soviet Russia, Drums play Phil Selway. This is why Soviet Russia no longer exists.
  • The Edge got his name from that one time when Phil Selway challenged him to a duel on a cliff. Let's just say The Edge lost.
  • One day, Phil Selway decided he didn't need hair anymore, so he gave it away. His hair is now Liam Gallagher's unibrow.
  • Nicky Wire wears so much eyeliner because he is trying to conceal the black eyes Phil Selway gave him.
  • Richey Edwards made fun of Phil Selway's drumming. Richey Edwards disappeared.
  • There is no forehead under Jonny Greenwood's hair. It is just another Phil Selway.
  • Phil Selway once killed a man. But by some miracle, he just got away with it.
  • Phil Selway bit the Apple logo.


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