• Three Free and Legal

    15 oct. 2006, 2h25m par NickeBack

    Three free albums can curremtly be downloaded an enjoyed (or hated?). Two of them for a limited time though. Luckily, the best of them will most likely continue to be free and available. I'll start with the ones that are available only for a limited time...

    Poor Aim: Love Songs
    For a limited time, The Blows debut can be downloaded from K. Records. The Blow is crisp electro/glitch/synth pop with a precise female voice. It's simple and very effective. No longer available

    His Name Is Alive - Someday RMX
    Again, for a limited time, this remix album is available from the His Name Is Alive website. I just downloaded it, and only listened to a few tracks. It's R&B with a twist maybe. Anyway, since the download is free... I own a few of the older albums by His Name Is Alive which I have just rediscovered. They have aged very well. I really didn't care that much for them at the time I purchased them.
    No longer available

    Phileas - Teamwork