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  • Genius!
  • Peter Broderick was featured this month on Coalition!
  • New album sounds great!!
  • New album is so Peter.
  • New album not due until April.
  • New interview with Peter!
  • یو میک می سیک از فاک
  • I love when you fall asleep with me. ♥
  • astonishingly gorgeous O_O
  • Songwriting interview with Peter Broderick
  • I am so grateful, for today I discovered a true gem. So glad that I found you Peter Broderick! Btw, I highly recommend Jon Hopkins to all you ambient-lovers out there! André
  • I found some great pics of him, vote if you like one of the new recently added pics.
  • string & piano love each other in a coloured dream
  • Sounds like Boards of Canada for children and metalheads.
  • пронзительно!
  • Float ♥
  • Don't know if anyone can help me, I heard a remix of Grizzly Bear by Peter Broderick some months ago. Can't for the world find it again, if anyone knows what the song is, send me a shout. Thanks!
  • is one of my 12 albums of '12 (and the only website on the list - can you believe it?):
  • "These Walls Of Mine" bad cover)))
  • New and beautiful track on this compilation, with money going to Hurricane Sandy victims! Please buy this 6+ hour comilation for only $ 10
  • peter's a cutie [2]
  • thanks for doing this!
  • peter's a cutie
  • I don't think this record is an attempt to redefine his sound, or explore more abstract musical elements. I think he was trying to attempt to record the essential inertia that comes from the thought process during writing music and or the influence that derives the pieces. He said that, "I've Tried" came from him just beat boxing around his house. That's it! We all do this. We all have these melodies we hear day bay day or stories that ignite our compositional clockwork, but we never utilize them, because it tends to be random jumbled mess. Peter sought to bring them to life. I think this album is his most intimate work to date. He's really trying to complete his musical identity. We are all just lucky to see where it evolves to next.
  • I'm liking 'These Walls of Mine'. There's a warmth to its weirdness, and a feeling that he's enjoying everything he's doing
  • To be honest, I haven't been feelin' any of his releases from this year. I hope he doesn't try to pursue a rap career later because it's not gonna happen.
  • I really love his music.but the cover of his new album is ugly as fuck...
  • These Walls Of Mine II
  • These Walls Of Mine is possibly the best thing I've heard this year.
  • I was waiting for the time when Peter would step so far from himself that he leaves this giant pool for all of us to swim 'round in.
  • i'm done. no longer.
  • I don't usually get this attached to singer-songwriters but Mr. Broderick's got both the multi-instrumentalist skills and a honest vocal style which somehow makes the music easier to get into.
  • aww, really, really good!
  • Whatta man
  • I got a feeling that will be one of the finest releases in 2012.
  • 'In what seems initially to be an album of a singular, almost perversely personal nature, it turns out that the most insightful moments come as part of a dialogue.' These Walls of Mine (album) review:
  • These Walls of Mine is BUMPIN!
  • Docile - delicate and touching, shards of nostalgia. quite excellent.
  • I know his name for a very long time, but I've never listen to it before. But it's really, really beautiful. Breathtaking.
  • Veggie sellout!
  • makes me hard
  • i love you man!!!! so much ! :~~~~~~~~~~
  • Minimal, nostalgic Piano music
  • not at home..just amazing
  • so nice
  • <3
  • Peter didn't have idea what he was doing, new album is pretty disappoiting.


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