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  • v have heart or heavy heart ??
  • Have Heart honestly might be their greatest track. Yes? Maybe?
  • @edgecrvsher--- YOU ARE TALKING THE 'PROPPA' SHIIITTTTT BOYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEE.Could'nt have said it BETTER bruva.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2u & the 'DOGZ BOLLOX' band, 'PERIPHERY' .PS- at present,can only dream of how they'd smash it up at a gig.--LONDONCOMINATYA - "FKPEACEPUMPMETAL"
  • D00S I0 0J0NT EN0U0H??00??00??
  • Hello, if you like djent and bands like Gojira, Vildhjarta then check our music!
  • Still their (Welp.. Misha's) first album is the best material they got.. such a shame.
  • First djent band I've ever listened to along with Chimp Spanner. These guys are amazing!
  • Is Misha joined ISIS ?
  • some dude on apparently
  • who marked them as 'djent'?
  • Un breve artículo de el Djent:
  • good
  • Saw them live recently, it was awesome but the set felt way too short. Still, it was one of the best gigs I ever went to and if it was just a 2-3 songs longer it would've been perfect. Not sure how you guys feel.
  • PuriPuri! <3 seen them live, what an experience!
  • It's actually acapella if you remove everything but the vocals
  • Periphery is actually just Hawthorne Heights if you remove the extreme portions.
  • o ne gerizekalı bi yorum ibrahim
  • always hated this band but Alpha and Omega were pretty decent listens
  • Protest the Hero rip-off...
  • Eztoknoel: Sure, man, just post something better whenever you're ready.
  • Wanna hear something better? Beware the thall...
  • Отличный у них чистый. Но, как говорится, на вкус и цвет.
  • Какой же противный у них чистый. Если бы не он, возможно даже и познакомилась с их творчеством поближе.
  • P0r0ph0r0 <3
  • @Darkes7 spot on!
  • vote up
  • 10,000 plays this band!
  • Well, I might reword what I said. He's no bad vocalist. IMO his style doesn't fit most of the songs. There are songs that are very metalcore-ish and Sotelo fits right in (Scarlet, as an example), but there are epic songs like Omega that would benefit from a more adult sounding vocalist, not so "teenager-ish". IMO, I repeat, IMO.
  • They'll hit you with your own pimp! Cause they're baaaaad, Periphery are the baddest motherfuckers in the wooooorrrrrld.
  • Silly bitch, your weapons can not hurt Periphery, don't you know who the fuck they are? THEY'RE THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!
  • No Dream Theater, No Periphery.
  • Sponce is da shit tho
  • I also come from a more traditional metal background, and I have no issues with his voice whatsoever from P2 onward (on P1 it left a bit to be desired, but then apparently the process of recording those vocals was a mess in itself). He does have a bit of that metalcore-ish thing in his style, but he isn't far from more classic heavy or prog metal vocalists in the more powerful parts (I can absolutely imagine the chorus of Have a Blast sung by James LaBrie, for example). My favourite thing about his vocals is that he sounds genuinely expressive, his harsh vocals sound genuinely pissed off, and clean vocals feel pretty passionate and intense overall. At this point I can't really imagine Periphery with any other voice, and especially on Juggernaut he became an absolutely integral part of the sound. I know some people may dislike his style and there's nothing wrong with that, but you'll convince me to like KoRn more easily than that he is a bad vocalist in any way.
  • Erm, they have a singer with good (or, to be precise, amazing) clean vocals. That you don't like his voice doesn't make him a bad singer in the slightest (and I honestly feel any claims that he is anything but a great singer can be considered factually incorrect ever since The Bad Thing was released).[2]
  • I'm here because I like the band, They have very good compositions, riffs, melodies and songs. Hell, even good vocal melodies and amazing choruses. It's just, that Sotelo's whiny, pre-pubescent voice puts me off a lot. He has a pretty good range, granted. He's pretty diverse and has some charisma. but man... that american teenager voice, with that dreadful pronunciation and that whiny tone. Sorry, I'm not the only one that thinks that his tone is bad and not good for the band. In most of the songs, it hardly compliments anything songwriting-wise. If you are a fan of that kind of voice (maybe, you're a fan of metalcore, modern post-hardcore and nu-metal, which would explain why you like that voice), but me, coming from a more metal background, with Heavy, Thrash and Power metal singers as referents, I can't get on it (some vocals which have a greater range than Sotelo, and sound like adults person while singing in a high pitched manner)
  • Erm, they have a singer with good (or, to be precise, amazing) clean vocals. That you don't like his voice doesn't make him a bad singer in the slightest (and I honestly feel any claims that he is anything but a great singer can be considered factually incorrect ever since The Bad Thing was released).
  • if you dont like spencer's voice, why are you guys here? shut the fuck up!
  • They should get a singer with good clean vocals. Man, I just hate that whiny teenager voice from Sotelo. He has the range, granted, but the balls? I don't mind his growls, but man... those cleans are so irritating. He should take a note or two from clean singers that don't sound whiny, like Michael Kiske, Brian Fair, Geoff Tate or at least Rody Walker (who isn't as whiny, and is a whole lot more charismatic).
  • Oh, man. I love Perryphery.
  • Actually I like the clean vocals on Juggernaut. Very good to contrast with the heavy sound
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Periphery
  • I can see what he means. I mean, the poppy stuff like Hell Below or MK Ultra, come on.
  • Pll is still their best, Juggernaut sounds like a dull Maroon 5 copycat.
  • can't stop listening to Juggernaut ♥
  • mad love for the vocals
  • I can't stop listening to Juggernaut. Help. [2]
  • the guys made amazing job with the new album. Nice to see them growing up in all aspects
  • I can't stop listening to Juggernaut. Help.


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