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Society (3:46)


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  • Drummer fucking rulz
  • Fuck Jersey Shore, but Pennywise fucking rules.
  • My all time favorite even over God Save The USA!!,Fuck yeah :D! I also love when they almost seem as if they're quieting down and nearly stop for a few seconds and then explode back into the song full volume!!!
  • LOL @ armordinejad
  • fixed gears, ford f150s, 12 pack of coors light, ultimate fighter, jersey shore, pennywise.
  • Nice!
  • Hey Bra!........ it makes no different 2 me!
  • always one of my faves at warped tour!!
  • PW is bad azz..
  • brotastic bro.... awww bro this is just so awesome bro... bro bro bro bro bro bro!!
  • oh wow, missed this, always an amazing one! agreed def my fave off of full circle too :D
  • pw rock
  • I Agree with offspringfan64 although they are so much better than Offsping ;-) Offspring just plain suck
  • society is great. i think full circle is their best one - after unknown road !
  • Sorry, I meant : "As much RESPECT as I have for a band that HAS never strayed from their roots".
  • My favorite off of Full Circle. Get this CD or any other CD, but never get more than one Pennywise CD, wanna know why? As much as I have for a band that never strayed from their roots, they all sound the same. Good thing or a bad think you choose, for me, I would like at least SOME diversity.
  • I always thought of Pennywise as a band I would listen to but, I'm just better off listening to Bad Religion
  • Society!
  • one of the first punk songs that i really, really liked to play a lot...
  • the quiet breakdown is such a great effect

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