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    25 mai 2010, 16h06m par star-samurai

    Before I say anything, I've been listening to Pendulum since 2006 with Hold Your Colour and some bsides that I accumulated.
    Ever since In Silico released, it seems like the fanbase has three divisions: 1) drum and bass fans, 2) rock fans, and 3) liked both albums.
    Me? I'm in the third category. Because I appreciate that they're experimenting with another genre to make their own brand of sound. Yet at the same time, their drum and bass (ie; Hold Your Colour and other songs like Tarantula and Vault) sound set them apart from other drum and bass artists.
    I guess they made the genre of drum and bass more accessable. But at the same time, the 2nd category I layed out...some of them do not understand what drum and bass is. Some of them do. Most of them don't, which is really...depressing to tell the truth.
    I mean. Hello - they started out as drum and bass. Therefore, it's always going to be a part of their sound. They're not the pure definition of drum and bass, of course, but that element is still going to be there. …