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  • О ГОСПАДИ 10 ИС 10 10 ИС 10
  • ready to take a rocket direction Dancefloor and back to Chill Out zone--
  • Awesome bassline
  • I would totally play this in my space ship
  • the best DnB track
  • Only Pendulum can make an electronic track this long that doesn't send me to sleep <3
  • 2:40 is that Daddy G from Massive Attack headbanging???
  • And I wandered through the weird and lurid landscape of another planet!
  • metroid
  • I wandered through the weird, and lurid landscape of another planet ... then epicness!
  • This was my first Pendulum song I played a few years ago. Hooked from that moment on! This song is best played LOUD with the bass and treble turned right up. This just makes me wanna be on the centre of the dancefloor in my own world. Epic tune.
  • this song is boss but, at 4:56, I can't think of anything but the intro to Mellowship Slinky in B Major XD
  • WHAT?!?! just when they thought it was all over! out of the shadows, shuck it to me now!! YUCKAAAA YUCCCKKKAAA YOOOOOUUUU!!!!
  • this is my very first taste of Pendulum from back in the April of 2007. Wow, i loved it then and i love it now.
  • I see clowns with trumpets
  • I don't like how the remix is auto corrected to tag as the regular version of another planet..
  • i love that part: ''And suddenly there was a change'! :D
  • 2nd best track by Pendulum.
  • This track is freaking awesome! "And suddenly there was a change!" :D
  • no rowan. this is one of their best songs.
  • Boring as all hell. I have no idea how you people sit through 7 minutes of this, Pendulum has had 1000x better songs than this.
  • So great song.
  • la la la la la la laaaaaa
  • Great samples! They're from Jeff Wayne's war of the worlds. You should listen it!
  • i wandered through the weird, and ruined landscape of another planet.. fuc* yes!
  • drum drum drum n baaaaaaaaaaaasss...yehaaaaaa
  • ...suddenly there was a change... :D
  • I lost my head over this track!! Just great stuff..
  • :3
  • Their best track IMO
  • This now beats Slam, IMO.
  • God Combatter, I said "Jeff Wayne samples!". You should have searched for him on It's from the War of the Worlds album.
  • <3<3<3
  • classic
  • I love the samples on this track, especially "their eyes were open.. but still.. they were blind" ... anyone know where they come from?
  • live version kicks ass!
  • Jeff Wayne samples!
  • that song is the shit. biiiiiiig intro. frigging fa-nominal intro!
  • the live version kicks some major ass!
  • 2:40 and on, Siickness!!
  • Hey 'Jimmert'- Have you ever heard their song "Other side" from In Silico? That song is iiilll, I bet you would like it!
  • =)
  • Thank You
  • this is actually the only Pendulum song that doesn't suck.
  • pgl
    This track gives me the horn
  • Regular occurrence when they play this live and half the people there don't know what it is. They've played it every time I've seen them, I'd have though people would've caught on by now.
  • AWESOME !!!
  • Re Monochromenight is that drum sample that shows up a couple times the megadeth part?


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