• Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping

    26 nov. 2009, 4h46m par gigi00

    It's late and I'm feeling so tired
    Having trouble sleeping.
    This constant compromise
    Between thinking and breathing.

    Could it be I'm suffering
    Because I'm never give in?
    Won't say that I'm falling in love
    Tell me I don't seem myself
    Couldn't I blame something else?

    Just don't say I'm falling in love

    Some kind of therapy
    Is all I need
    Please believe me
    Some instant remedy
    That can cure me completely

    Could it be that I'm suffering
    Because I'll never give in?
    Won't say that I'm falling in love
    Tell me I don't seem myself
    Couldn't I blame something else?

    Just don't say I'm falling in love
    'cause I've been there before and it's not enough
    So nobody say it

    Don't even say it
    I ve got my eyes shut
    Won't look, oh
    No, I'm not in love

    Could it be I'm suffering
    Because I'll never give in?
    I'm falling love
    Tell me I don't seem myself good enough for something else

    Just don't say I'm falling in love
    Falling in love
    Just don't say I'm falling in love
    Oh, yeah
  • Статистика, часть 7: классика // Stats, part 7: classical music

    24 août 2009, 15h13m par -273C

  • Cropping Artist Images for the Library

    24 août 2009, 12h24m par fmera

    Following up on the earlier journal, Getting Artist Images to Look Their Best, here is a short guide to explain how images (be they square, tall, or wide) that you upload to artist galleries are cropped for eventual use in the library.

    I'll use these images (taken from Simone Kopmajer's gallery) as a visual guide to show how your original artist pics will end up looking as library images. It works on the idea that cropping images square or tall - if your original shots allow this - really is the safer option, as they minimize further cropping when your images are processed. Shown below are three sample images, in square, tall, and wide formats, and beside them the actual 126s images used for the library. The translucent red masking shows where image content will be lost (or hidden from view, rather), and the window is what you'll end up with in the library:
  • Classic Charts / Sales

    19 jui. 2009, 16h09m par classicalnl

    The nice thing of being a member of Itunes is that you suddenly have more music available than in your own music store. Still not everything, I mean, I can't buy music from Pakistan or certain artists since they are only for sale in the US store, but still.
    the other thing I like is that we finally have charts for more genres than in our own music magazines. So I thought it would be nice to see what sells well in the classical genre. From now on I will try to keep an eye on it and in some cases share the music I find.

    Andrea Bocelli is still on almost efery hitlist, if not alone and on number one, then in combination with Sarah Brightman for example.
    In the UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and Sweden their Time to say goodbye is number one.
    In Spain he is number one allone with Vivo por ella.
    in Belgium he is number one with Because we believe which he sings with the Dutch singer, Marco Borsato.

  • E Lucevan Le Stelle

    20 juin 2009, 1h06m par Richardgm

    It has been a while since I wrote a note on a song. But I had to express my love for the track E Lucevan Le Stelle.

    Oddly, I have had this track in my library for over two years without really noticing it. (This is one of the reasons why I don't delete songs I find "ok" on a couple listens... you never know what gem you my find when my 5,500+ mp3s are on shuffle).

    I can't tell the exact time I downloaded my first version of E Lucevan Le Stelle, but I know for a fact it came from a bootleg Era album titled Ocarina Dream Opera.
    I played this version 22 times, up until I realized that most of the songs came from the artist Quinn's album The Solemn Vow.

    Oddly, the track doesn't exist on that album.... I still don't know who is the original artist for the track I currently have, now still titled Quinn - E Lucevan Le Stele (Tosca).

    ----during writing this Journal, something came to me; why not use SHAZAM, the iPhone application that allows you to determine the track and artist of any given song. …
  • found this week... #7

    13 mars 2008, 20h03m par spiderspit

  • Paul Potts - Sang to a full house

    10 mars 2008, 14h20m par 1Sock

    Mon 3 Mar – Paul Potts:

    Paul Potts, winner of the 2007 Britain's Got Talent television show, played to a full house at Lisner Auditorium, in Washington DC, on 03-March-2008.

    I first saw Paul Potts in an online video clip of his first audition for the show. I was very moved - as I am sure many other viewers were - by his performance of Nessun dorma - here is a link to his version: Nessun dorma. The piece was shortened, of course, as all pieces are for the opening segments of the show, but he had received a standing ovation before he was even through the song.

    His performance at Lisner Auditorium was good and very entertaining. His story - - is an intriguing one and definitely inspiring for those who wish to be great. It was terrific to see him live.

    He shared the stage with a three-woman ensemble named The Three Graces - a new group whose name is derived from The Three Graces in Greek and Roman mythology - …
  • Das Supertalent :-)

    25 déc. 2007, 17h28m par Silberelfchen

    Ricardo Marinello stellt sich vor:

    Ein Supertalent der besonderen Sorte! Viel Glück Ricardo! :-D

    Ricardo Marinello
    The Beginning

    Paul Potts

    Mein Lieblingstitel von Dir, Ricardo:
    Come Fly With Me (Vola con me)


    Sony BMG (GERMANY) GmbH
    Heiner Peschmann
    Neumarkter Str. 28
    81673 München

    13 déc. 2007, 21h54m par Addicted_Emo

    I got a ticket to the Paul Potts show in July in christmas gift >:3
    HURRAY! <33333
  • Paul the Humble and How He Met the King

    14 nov. 2007, 18h37m par leeafromoz

    Paul the Humble and How He Met the King

    Draft for a new Operetta

    Plot: Paul the Humble, a flower grower, travels from town to town to sell his flowers and bulbs. He is accompanied by his wife, Jewels the Faithful.

    Paul is homeless due to a series of unfortunate events. His house burned down when a wandering goat rammed the cooking pot into the straw, which in turn burned his cart. All that is left are his flowers and bulbs. So now, he is a traveling salesperson.

    He sings a little song as he peddles his wares from village to village.

    "Flowers, Flowers, pretty flowers for your love?
    Flowers, Flowers, pretty flowers for your mum?"

    The people start to gather around. What is that lovely sound? Soon more and more people come to the town square. "Simple, the village Joker", "Amanda the Emote", and "Pipers the Persnickety" are especially taken by Paul the Humble.

    They call more people to listen. "Simple, the village Joker" does tricks to get their attention. …