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  • Avatar de GaaraGOinMusic1
    orgasmic musical cumshot
  • Avatar de sssssstephen
    Yes, this new version is sick. Anybody know any songs with the same feel (besides other Panda Bear/Animal Collective songs)?
  • Avatar de rOOm-on-fire
    v ouiii fantastique lorsqu'il altère la ligne de chant du second refrain et après "know at least I'll tryyyyyyyy"... *plane*
  • Avatar de Murmeln
    The new KCRW version is fantastic. I love how much he's developed this song over the years.
  • Avatar de koolsamarkand
    Force Field Swithc
  • Avatar de Offino
    saying this again: ultra chill thing
  • Avatar de rOOm-on-fire
    toujours aussi émouvante
  • Avatar de Offino
    This one is ultra chill.
  • Avatar de hanskoppler
    Whole of Tomboy is ridonkulously good
  • Avatar de zacherywolf7
    Would've fit right on Person Pitch.
  • Avatar de Music_TG
  • Avatar de goomba117
    I fucking love panda bear.. his music is just beautiful
  • Avatar de matkomodric
    reminds me of staring [2]
  • Avatar de holmesspuntuna
    reminds me of staring into the sun, if the sun was the bottom of the ocean
  • Avatar de hambina
    like this version better
  • Avatar de robertsona_last
    wow the single version was so much better
  • Avatar de Plaumtothashizz
    v so the fuck what? i love the beach boys, but gtfo. what i actually wanted to say was that the a cappella version from the box set is peacefully king
  • Avatar de ascrodin
    He's good, but three brothers name Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and depending on the time period, Dave Marks, Al Jardine, and/or Bruce Johnston could bring on the vocals like it was nobody's business.
  • Avatar de dfalc
    insane! no one brings vocals like him. live versions are even more beautiful imo
  • Avatar de FUTUR7Os
    cool stuff
  • Avatar de ativke
    duz anybody know the lyrics
  • Avatar de lollytay
    the live version he played on fallon with sonic boom was absolutely stunning.
  • Avatar de POTDL
    WHY SO SHORT [2] favorite from tomboy maybe panda bear at all
  • Avatar de Darkocat
    no you can't
  • Avatar de Roaddoggjc
    If I can write a song as good as this for my future son or daughter, I will forever consider myself a great parent.
  • Avatar de solidus19
    I love the little background voices, especially the first female one. It adds such a weird intimacy to the music. He's amazing at stuff like that.
  • Avatar de roswell78
    I saw him in oakland last fall and hearing all of this again is just dreamy beyond words, especially remembering him opening with this...........jesus. luv u panda
  • Avatar de LISAVSSHARK
    I already loved the 7" recording, but the album version just really blew me away
  • Avatar de sadeyedprophet
    i am sure about the album version, it rules.
  • Avatar de LMW87
    not so sure about the album version
  • Avatar de theeviltenor
  • Avatar de Two_Colours
    melts my heart
  • Avatar de dwarves
  • Avatar de jamescase
    most underrated single in my opinion. though jetty was <3.
  • Avatar de GarrettRieks
    Kind of surprising that it will be opening the album...but I think it will work.
  • Avatar de jacobnorris
    love it!
  • Avatar de ifch
    best single so far, even surpasses Last Night at the Jetty witch is GR8 alsatian darn / yccom are PERFECT!
  • Avatar de rosaelefant
    the bär strikes again
  • Avatar de happysnowfish
    this is the worst of the four tomboy songs released so far, which is really saying something. this is a good song.
  • Avatar de bwbrev
  • Avatar de solidus19
    anyone know/have a link to the lyrics?
  • Avatar de MANsonPub
    best song from tomboy era so far. completely addictive. needing more noah stuff!
  • Avatar de woundedgalaxy
    Listening to this over and over and over
  • Avatar de gongbaojiding
  • Avatar de seamantis
    Reminds me of Enya but in a good way
  • Avatar de BrestFF75
    Love it!
  • Avatar de NAGospel
    I love this.
  • Avatar de NDL_CHRIS
    Reminds me of my childhood memories of the Lion King for some reason......[2]
  • Avatar de glacialways
  • Avatar de moneeb
    review here:


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