• The 9513 Chart Update (7-12-09)

    16 jui. 2009, 4h42m par Carpetbagger513

    Johnny Cash is dead and his house burned down and he’s the #1 artist in The 9513’s group.

    I’m not sure that any of those events are related, despite what Larry Gatlin may say. It’s no huge surprise that the Man in Black has been at or near the top of the charts for so long, given his musical output and his overwhelming popularity among users. I’ve written about his stats before, but his total number of plays (37,717,425) is more than the next 19 artists on the chart combined. Number 20, Taylor Swift, has the second-largest number of total plays, with a shade under 9.5 million. It will be interesting to watch the battle of teenage girls vs. music hipsters to see if the Cash fans can keep ahead of the Swift onslaught.

    Behind Cash’s 25 The 9513 listeners come Sugarland and George Strait with 24 each. Brad Paisley’s domination of the chart lasted for exactly one week, as he drops down to #4 with 23. Martina McBride (19)…
  • JC’s Top Americana Music 2008

    1 jan. 2009, 1h12m par jcshepard

    JC’s Top Americana Music 2008
    (the not-all-new-music edition)

    Most Top Albums lists concentrate on New Music released that year. I would, too, but I’m not. For one, I discovered a good bit of old music via this year’s that’s still new to me. I also finished up my exercise to listen thru all the CDs in my music library. Again, a good deal of my old music is new to my digital ears. There’s also the fact that got the scrobble-thing to work to track iPod tracks on synch, so that more accurately reflects my listening habits for the year.

    Mostly, tho, is the fact I was broke and was more judicious in my new music purchases this year—part of that 20% decline in CD sales this year. Doing my part for fiscal discipline. Plus now four years gone from my DJ gig, the world goes on and they’re not sending me many comp CDs for me to review. Just saying.

    Top Artists Scrobbled thru in 2008
    1. Alison Krauss / Alison Krauss & Union Station – Alison continues to rock my world…