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  • So... this one is an incredibly good song. In fact, one of the most enjoyable songs I've heard in a while, but my favourite moment begins at 8:22... that melody is capable to break you... and combined with Mikael's beautiful (also demonic) voice, it's impossible not to touch you in some way, very, very strong ending.
  • Asss the rain keeps fallinnnnnnng...
  • Oh what epicness (4) We miss you, old Opeth.
  • The heights of the atmosphere build by this track are stunning.
  • 8:20 - 12:10 Oh what epicness [2]
  • 8:20 - 12:10 Oh what epicness *~~~*
  • Great song
  • 10:16 - 12:16 = The best part. Of all that is ever created. I think. [2]
  • hi oldschool opeth!
  • Fucking awesome! [2]
  • Legandry Song..
  • Goofy Awesomeness
  • Fucking awesome!
  • I listened to a whole day from 8:30 to 11:30. No joke.
  • you like progressive music?
  • Oh, how I love this song...
  • EPIC.
  • perfect
  • so fucking good!
  • The music type is called Opeth
  • i like the intro of this song (it's also the outro part of the previous song "reqiuem"). what's the exact music type of the outro? it seems like acoustic kelt music but i am not sure about it. any ideas?
  • I thought there were no songs in Orchid I could really like. Well, I've just noticed I was absolutely wrong.
  • One of my favorite things about Opeth is how I've been listening to them for nearly 2 years and I still don't know every song inside and out. I was playing their discography on shuffle and for some reason this song just caught my ear this time around. I've never liked it much but now it's suddenly great. This has happened with quite a few of their songs for me...Heir Apparent, Godhead's Lament, Forest of October, and Ghost of Perdition. I love it.
  • "10:16 - 12:16 = The best part. Of all that is ever created. I think." +1
  • I love you Sweden.
  • 10:16 - 12:16 = The best part. Of all that is ever created. I think.
  • One of my favouritest songs.
  • awesome!
  • So... Why the hell does this song start with an outro? It's weird compositional/production choices like that that really drag this album down in comparison to the rest of their discography.
  • Open your soul Redeem, I am immortal
  • 5 years since I heard the first Opeth song, and they still have the ability to surprise me with stunning riffs! Respect \m/
  • To all the people who hate Opeth, I strongly reccomend to listen to this piece of art...
  • the intro was an accident, supposed to be the ending of requiem but got mixed wrong. sounds great nevertheless.
  • Epic!
  • intro rules
  • The end is Amazing... the clean voice is fucking great, "Through the eternal flame I travel, As the rain keeps falling"...
  • dont care how much Mikael Åkerfeldt hates the early stuff.... this is still one the best songs created...
  • still, my fav opeth song :)
  • Without doubt, the single greatest song ever made.
  • this song is all about 10:16 for me.. that heavy and extremely emotional riff tears my fucking soul apart.. [2]
  • The intro is genious!
  • Probably Opeth's best song. The clean vocals towards the end are amazing. Åkerfeldt rules!
  • its perfect for me
  • 7:23 = new fucking song:D
  • Love the folkish "Oooooo-oooooooo-ooooo" @8:40 :-O~
  • Last few minutes of this song are epic
  • mindblowing , so many great riffs n melodies in one song
  • Incredible song!


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